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The Importance Of Fitness For A Longer, Happier Life


The Importance Of Fitness For A Longer, Happier Life: New research has found that fitness levels are a better indicator of life expectancy in seniors than traditional risk factors that are usually assessed. Of course, for many people, the desire is not just to live longer, but to live happily.  Fortunately, you can improve both the quality and quantity of your later years by investing in your fitness from now. From helping you to lose weight, to strengthening your skeletal system and boosting your mental health, devoting time and energy to your fitness can make a huge difference to how you enjoy your golden years, so why wait?

The Importance Of Fitness For A Longer, Happier Life

Take the pressure off

India has been ranked third in the world for obesity, and recent research has highlighted that it is India’s white collar workers who are most at risk, largely due to sedentary lifestyles and convenience food.  If this sounds like you, there are still ways to improve your fitness before you reach retirement age.  Studies have shown that even just 10 minutes of exercise can help you live longer; a brisk walk on your lunch break will help you lose weight, lower your blood pressure and reduce the risks of diabetes, cardiovascular disease and strokes.  Losing weight will also reduce the pressure on your joints, which can lead to painful conditions such as arthritis.

Power play

Scientists have recently discovered that increasing your muscle power may be the key to living longer.  This means paying attention not only to the weight or how many repetitions you lift for, but also the speed at which you do so.  Consult a health professional and speak to a gym trainer before you begin, in order to find a program that will be effective and safe for you. By focusing on maintaining muscle mass as you age, particularly around your core, you can help to ensure a happier life too; the ability to rise from a chair or put on your shoes is crucial for maintaining independence and the freedom to move.

Get happy

Several studies have shown that exercise makes people feel happier, as it releases endorphins, the “feel good” hormones in the brain. For older people, the sense of achievement and satisfaction is even more uplifting; managing to walk further or faster than before, lifting that weight harder or faster than you could manage last week. These small wins can be empowering, helping people to feel strong, capable and youthful whatever their age. Taking part in exercise, whether it’s a walk with friends or a fitness class at the gym can also help to build social connections. In a recent survey, 36% of Indian seniors listed social interaction as a priority, so this is another important benefit of committing to fitness.

As you grow older, maintaining or improving your fitness is the key to enjoying more time with those you love, doing what you love. Weight loss is certainly one benefit, but maintaining muscle power for independence and strength is also crucial. Add to that the mental health benefits and opportunities for new friendships and connections, and you have a multitude of reasons to commit to get fit.