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Golmaal Again Movie
Golmaal Again Movie

Golmaal Again Story: Gopal (Ajay), Madhav(Arshad), Lucky(Tusshar), Laxman(Shreyas) and Laxman, again(Kunal), are orphans raised at Seth Jamnadas’ orphanage in Ooty. Upon returning there to mourn their mentor’s passing away, they learn that an avaricious builder named Vasu Reddy(Prakash Raj), together with Nikhil(Neil), have designs on both properties owned by Colonel Chouhan (Sachin Khedekar).

They decide to stop these builders while in Anna Mathew(Tabu), who can communicate with spirits herself acts as their guide and leader throughout their endeavors.

Golmaal Again Movie
Golmaal Again Movie

Golmaal Again Review: Reruns on satellite channels never fail to make viewers laugh when watching the film from any point, while its latest instalment, Golmaal Again, continues the fun-loving franchise’s legacy.

Like its previous instalments, this one too provides moments of unadulterated enjoyment; gags range from truly funny to averagely amusing; each actor in Golmaal Again shines brightly – from Shreyas as Lakshman with his lisp or Gopal who’s petrified of ghosts – everyone excels so effectively you cannot help but smile at their antics, including the golmaal again actress name, Parineeti Chopra, who plays Khushi. The dialogue remains both simple yet amusing throughout.

Add horror elements into the mix. Drawing inspiration from South film Kanchana where ghosts seek revenge against humans, these parts too are treated lightheartedly making you giggle at situations you may have seen multiple times over. However, once the actual plot begins being developed proceedings become rather dull.

Rohit Shetty deserves credit for never allowing viewers to become too disengaged from his storyline. Packed with comedy, fights, songs, giggles, ghosts – and the odd gag – here is a feast you won’t want to miss. Tabu, as an “exorcist”, adds credibility to an otherwise absurd role; Shreyas (Vasuli Bhai from Mukesh and Pappi from Johnny Lever) have their moments but Shreyas steals it; Parineeti (Khushi/Damini) is there just to keep us entertained while regulars Ajay, Arshad Tusshar and Kunal keep us engaged throughout this movie’s run time.

This book lacks logic or substance; if you want something entertaining and humorous instead, this might not be it. But, if laughter is your priority then take a look.

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