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The Effects of Marijuana on Your Body: What’s Wrong With Diane Schuler



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What Happend To Diane Schuler?

Diane Schuler’s blood alcohol content was 0.19 percent, more than double the legal limit of 0.08%. That’s a high enough BAC level to be considered impaired, even if the driver had no obvious symptoms.

According to the autopsy report, the cause of the crash was “acute tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) poisoning.” THC is a psychoactive substance found in marijuana, and it’s suspected that Schuler smoked marijuana 15 minutes before the crash.

The crash was fatal, killing eight people. Four of them were children, two adults and one family friend. One of the vehicles involved in the crash was heading in the wrong direction. Other drivers swerved to avoid the vehicle.

The accident happened on the Taconic State Parkway. Diane Schuler’s minivan was traveling in the wrong lane, and crashed into an SUV.

Blood-alcohol level

A toxicology report showed that Diane Schuler had an alcohol concentration in her blood higher than twice the legal limit. The autopsy also found that Diane had high levels of marijuana in her system.

The autopsy was performed by a forensic psychiatrist who said that Diane had a history of substance abuse. Although he did not cite a drug-induced crash, he did describe her as an “aggressive, tight-wound, hyper-responsible” woman.

According to the report, she was in the process of smoking marijuana at the time of her crash. However, she had been consuming a lot of pot recently, which could have contributed to her intoxication.

Despite her intoxication, Diane had no signs of depression or suicide. Her family also cited diabetes and a mouth abscess as possible causes of the accident.

THC levels in her system

The investigation into the tragic Taconic State Parkway crash involving Diane Schuler and seven others has revealed a few surprising facts. According to the toxicology report, Diane Schuler had an extremely high THC level in her system. This indicates she had been using marijuana for at least 15 minutes before the crash.

It also shows she had at least six grams of alcohol in her system. These amounts are well above the legal limit for driving while intoxicated in New York. However, it is unclear if she had previously been treated for drug problems.

Although it was a tragic accident, the family of Diane Schuler have maintained their innocence. They have never acknowledged any of the claims that their daughter was a heavy drinker or marijuana user.

Leaving the kids in the van while she went into a convenience store

Diane Schuler was the driving force behind a tragic accident that killed four children. Her vehicle crashed into a SUV and exploded into flames. During the crash, her son Bryan survived and her daughter, Erin, died.

The autopsy report revealed that Diane had alcohol in her system, which raised questions about her health. But her husband insists that the woman was not drunk when she died. And he said that she had been on a camping trip with her family when the crash happened.

The story of the accident is still unsettling. It was on the front pages for days. For one thing, the woman left her three kids in the van while she went inside a convenience store.

She returned to her car a few minutes later, looking frazzled and stressed. Several drivers reported that the van was driving erratically. Some called the police.