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 The Doodlebops: An Educational Musical Comedy Series for Children


The Doodlebops was a Canadian-American television series which ran from 2004 to 2007 on both CBC in Canada and Disney Channel in the US. A musical comedy show targeting preschoolers, this musical comedy shows featured Deedee Doodle, Rooney Doodle, and Moe Doodle who formed an eight-member rock band together and enjoyed singing, dancing, playing instruments and going on fun adventures while practicing together and later performing live concerts onstage and off.

Cast of The Doodlebops

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The actors playing Doodlebops donned costumes and prosthetic makeup to achieve their distinct looks, as well as performing songs and dance routines exclusive to themselves. Here is a list of main cast members and their roles:

1.Lisa Lennox stars

Lisa Lennox

She as Deedee Doodle, the pink-haired lead singer and keyboardist for the band. She is energetic, enthusiastic and enjoys trying new experiences.

2. Chad McNamara stars

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He as Rooney Doodle, the blue-haired guitarist and creator of the band. Smart and creative, Rooney likes creating gadgets and gizmos to keep his friends occupied during music practice sessions.

3.  Jonny Wexler stars

Jonny Wexler

He as Moe Doodle, an orange-haired drummer and comedian of the band. He is playful and loves pulling the rope to make confetti fall from the ceiling.

4. John Catucci stars

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He as Busd river Bob, an enthusiastic bus driver who transports Doodlebops to their concerts while singing the theme song of their show.

5. Ron Stefaniuk, Frank Meschkuleit and Jason Hopley

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He appear as various puppets that interact with the Doodlebops such as Mr. Moosehead, Audio Murphy, Mudge and Mail Snail.

6. Jackie Richardson acts

She as Jazzmin, their manager who gives advice and motivation.

7. Kim Roberts

Kim Roberts

She plays Mazz, who owns a music store where the Doodlebops purchase their instruments and accessories, while various child actors act as fans and audience members of the Doodlebops.

Format of The Doodlebops

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Each episode of The Doodlebops follows a similar structure:

  • Bus driver Bob introduces and sings the theme song of Doodlebops before beginning their rehearsal in their colorful studio, where they often encounter problems or challenges they must work through before performing onstage.
  • The Doodlebops visit different places or people to gain help or inspiration with their problem, often meeting Jazzmin, Mazz or one of the puppets along the way.
  • Upon return home they perform a song related to their issue or theme for that episode while teaching some dance steps as well as perform an original musical number for viewers to enjoy.
  • As the Doodlebops prepare for their concert, they board Busdriver Bob’s bus. Once onboard they begin singing another song with him and all his passengers.
  • The Doodlebops arrive at their concert venue and perform one final song for their fans, as well as interact with some audience members and answer their queries.
  • Bus driver Bob concludes the show by singing an encore of the theme song before bidding farewell to viewers.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about The Doodlebops:

Q: Who Created the Doodlebops?

A: The show was co-created by Scott Fellows, Michael Hirsh and Carl Lenox who also wrote some episodes. |

Q: How Many Episodes Exist?

A: In total there are 65 Episodes across three Seasons.

Q: What kind of songs do they sing?

A: Popular selections include “We’re the Doodlebops”, “Get on the Bus”, “Don’t Pull the Rope”, Tap Tap Tap” Jumpin Judy” and Wobbly Whoopsy”.

Q: Where can I watch The Doodlebops?

A: You can catch some episodes on YouTube or Roku with subscription. Alternatively, DVDs may also be purchased or borrowed through your local library or purchased directly online.

Q: Are there any related or spin-off shows?

A: Yes, two spin-off shows exist: Rock & Bop with The Doodlebops (2006) which features live action segments with children dancing along to music videos; and Doodle bop Rockin’ Road Show (2010) which follows them around in their magical bus.

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