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The Cast Of Bernie Mac Show : Lets Talk

Cast of Burn Notice 3
Cast of Burn Notice 3

The Cast Of Bernie Mac Show was a popular sitcom that aired on Fox from 2001 to 2023. The show starred comedian Bernie Mac as a fictionalized version of himself, who takes in his sister’s three children after she goes to rehab. The show was praised for its humor, realism and family values.

The show had a talented cast of actors who played the main and recurring characters. Here is a list of some of the cast members and their roles on the show.

Main Cast of The Cast Of Bernie Mac Show

The Cast Of Bernie Mac Show
The Cast Of Bernie Mac Show

1.The Cast Of Bernie Mac Show | Bernie Mac

The Cast Of Bernie Mac Show
The Cast Of Bernie Mac Show

Bernie Mac as Bernie ‘Mac’ McCullough: The protagonist and narrator of the show, who is a successful stand-up comedian living in Los Angeles. He is a loving but strict uncle to his niece and nephews, who often challenges them with his tough love approach. He also has a witty and sarcastic relationship with his wife Wanda.

2.The Cast Of Bernie Mac Show | Kellita Smith

Kellita Smith as Wanda McCullough: Bernie’s wife and partner, who is a vice president at AT&T. She is supportive of Bernie’s decision to take in the kids, but sometimes clashes with him over parenting styles. She is also a voice of reason and calmness in the chaotic household.

3. The Cast Of Bernie Mac Show | Jeremy Suarez

Jeremy Suarez

Jeremy Suarez as Jordan Thomkins: Bernie’s 8-year-old nephew, who is smart but socially awkward. He suffers from asthma and allergies, and is often bullied at school. He looks up to Bernie as a father figure, but also annoys him with his constant questions and fears.

4. The Cast Of Bernie Mac Show | Dee Dee Davis

Dee Dee Davis


Dee Dee Davis as Bryana ‘Baby Girl’ Thomkins: Bernie’s 5-year-old niece, who is sweet and innocent. She is the youngest and most spoiled of the kids, and often gets away with things that the others can’t. She loves Bernie unconditionally, and calls him ‘Uncle Bernie’.

5. The Cast Of Bernie Mac Show | Camille Winbush

Dee Dee Davis

Camille Winbush as Vanessa ‘Nessa’ Thomkins: Bernie’s 13-year-old niece, who is mature and responsible. She acts as a surrogate mother to her younger siblings, and tries to balance school, friends and boys. She sometimes resents Bernie for imposing his rules on her, but also respects him for caring about her.

Recurring Cast of The Cast Of Bernie Mac Show

1. Reginald Ballard

Reginald Ballard

Reginald Ballard as W.B.: Bernie’s friend and neighbor, who is a former football player turned car salesman. He often hangs out with Bernie and gives him advice on various topics, usually involving women or money.

2. Lombardo Boyar

Lombardo Boyar

Lombardo Boyar as Chuy: Bernie’s friend and co-worker, who is a Mexican-American comedian. He often accompanies Bernie on his gigs and tours, and provides comic relief with his jokes and impressions.

3. Michael Ralph

Michael Ralph

Michael Ralph as Kelly: Bernie’s friend and co-worker, who is an African-American comedian. He also works with Bernie on his gigs and tours, and often competes with him for jokes and attention.

4. Wade Williams

Wade Williams

Wade Williams as Father Cronin: The priest at the Catholic school that Jordan and Bryana attend. He is friendly and understanding, but also strict and stern when needed. He often counsels Bernie on his family issues, and sometimes mediates between him and the kids.

5. Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera
Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera as Donna: Vanessa’s best friend, who is a rebellious and outspoken teenager. She often influences Vanessa to do things that get her in trouble with Bernie or Wanda, such as sneaking out or dating older boys.

6. Rick Hoffman

Rick Hoffman as Jerry Best: Wanda’s boss at AT&T, who is a smug and arrogant executive. He often makes Wanda’s life difficult with his unreasonable demands and expectations, and sometimes tries to flirt with her.

7. Meagen Fay

Meagn Fay as Joan Lefko: The principal at the school that Vanessa attends. She is a strict and uptight woman, who often clashes with Bernie over Vanessa’s behavior or performance.

8. Ashley Monique Clark

Ashley Monique Clark 

Ashley Monique Clark as Teri: Vanessa’s rival at school, who is a snobby and spoiled teenager. She often competes with Vanessa for popularity or boys, and sometimes bullies her or insults her.

9. Creed Bratton

Creed Bratton

Creed Bratton as Construction Worker: A recurring character who appears in various episodes as a construction worker doing different jobs around Bernie’s house or neighborhood. He often makes sarcastic or funny comments about Bernie or his family

FAQ: The Ultimate Guide to Your Questions

Q. When did the show start and end?

A. The show premiered on November 14, 2001 and ended on May 30, 2023. It ran for five seasons and 105 episodes.

Q. Why did the show end?

A. The show ended due to the death of Bernie Mac, who passed away on August 9, 2023 from complications of pneumonia. He was 50 years old. The show paid tribute to him in the final episode, which featured clips of his best moments and a message from his co-stars and family.

Q. Where can I watch the show?

A. The show is available to stream on Tubi, a free online service that offers movies and TV shows. You can also buy or rent the show on Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play or YouTube. The show is also occasionally aired on cable channels such as BET or TV One

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