The 5 Most Feared Tribes In The World: It is always an interesting thing in the culture of a tribe when there is something extraordinary. Like one of them are things that are beyond the limits of human logic. Magic is always thick with pros and cons. Become a topic of exciting debate in people’s lives. Many people believe in this unreasonable power. But many also do not want to believe because it can not be proven. The thing that is often questioned is whether there is someone who can remove black magic?

The 5 Most Feared Tribes In The World

Magic is taboo for some tribes in the world who still live their lives naturally and are not touched by the outside world. From several sources, there are 5 tribes known for their qualified magic.


They can make their calendar system. Has the technology to build a complicated and cool city layout. The Maya are also very well known for their magic abilities. Rumor has it, they can invite rain to fall and regulate the weather with ritual ceremonies. Toltec, an elder, would lead the ceremony to offer the human heart to a god.

Many people know the virtual tribe because of predictions about the coming of doom in 2012. But apparently, it did not happen. Their calendar is very different from some general calendar such as Islamic or Hijri which is widely used by people today.


The Maasai are a nomadic (often migratory) tribe found mostly between Tanzania and Kenya. This tribe is still carrying out the customs that have lasted from their ancestors. In their culture, it has a god known as Enkai. Through the recitation of prayers to Enkai, this tribe is believed to have the strength to run fast, jump high, invulnerable and good at war.


An Indian tribe is known as a native of the American continent. The Indians themselves are divided into various tribes, each of which has a different culture. But among the many Indian tribes that exist, there is the magic that can make someone disappear instantly without a trace.

This magic is very dangerous because it can target someone just by knowing the photo, date of birth and full name. This does not mean we should be aware of all those who want to know our identity, but we must be wiser and do good to others, especially when we visit other people’s places.


Lamia is a very terrible type of magic that this nation has. Through this magic, the spell bearer can send someone experiencing extreme pain that can damage vital organs. Using media that is owned by the person who is the target.

Almost similar to voodoo but different in application. Almost all black magic requires the face of the victim to be targeted to be on target.


Kikuyu tribe on the African continent, this tribe is believed to have arisen due to the division of tribes on the continent. This tribe is known for its beautiful and exotic dances. The dances are very thick with a mystical aura. Through dance, they are believed to have the ability to bring disease, rain, and transmit diseases.


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