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Teeth Gap Making You Anxious? Here’s How to Fix It with Invisible Braces for Teeth Gap


, guess what, it’s time to fix that. And no, you do not have to go through the discomfort and pain of traditional metal and ceramic braces to fix the gaps in your teeth. Before we decide whether or not to go for braces for teeth gap to go for, let us first understand what exactly teeth gap is and what causes it. 

What is it and what causes teeth gap?

A teeth gap, also known as diastema, usually occurs in the upper set of teeth and creates an observable space between the teeth. It is common amongst both adults and teens. There are a few causes of a gap between teeth, such as – 

  1. Genetic reasons 
  2. Missing or loss of teeth 
  3. Undersized teeth 
  4. Thumb sucking, lip sucking, etc. 

Let us now look at how clear aligners, a.k.a. the best alternative to not so transparent braces for teeth gap, work. 

Braces vs transparent aligners | What to choose to fix your teeth gap? 

As opposed to the not-so-transparent braces, clear aligners fix teeth gaps by applying gentle pressure on your teeth and moving them to the required position. Unlike braces, transparent aligners work faster and more effectively only if they are worn for at least 20-22 hours every day. They are custom-made and are prepared using a 3D scan and images of your jaw. 

If you are still not convinced about why you should go for clear aligners to fix your teeth gaps, let us help you. Below are a few benefits of choosing clear aligners. 

Benefits of choosing transparent aligners over braces for teeth gap

1. Comfortable

No one wants to go through pain and discomfort just because they wanted to fix their gap teeth, right? Traditional metal and ceramic braces have metal wires which often bruise our cheeks and tongue, making them uncomfortable in the long run. On the other hand, clear aligners are smooth plastic trays with no metal brackets. So, no more sacrificing your comfort for getting a smile makeover

2. Fixes your gap teeth in no time

We all are a little impatient when it comes to fixing our orthodontic issues and transforming our smiles, aren’t we? Compared to braces, transparent and removable aligners fix your teeth gaps in less time as compared to traditional metal braces. 

3. Your oral health is better

Gaps in teeth may degrade your oral health in the long run and may cause various other problems, such as trouble while biting and chewing. Transparent braces fix the issue and ensure that your oral health is not affected in the long run. Moreover, problems while brushing and flossing are common with metal & ceramic braces, transparent and removable aligners for teeth pose no such hassles. 

Fixing your teeth gap as soon as possible is essential to avoid a plethora of oral problems in the long run. Instead of braces, transparent aligners are the best orthodontic solution for gaps in teeth. 

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