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Stranger Things Recap – Catching Up on the Season 4 Episodes


Stranger Things Recap: There are only a handful of episodes remaining in the fourth season, so you may need to get some assistance.

Luckily, Netflix has released a full recap of all the episodes that have hit the streaming service so far.

It all begins in 1983, when 12-year-old Will Byers goes on a Dungeons & Dragons night with friends Mike, Dustin and Lucas.

He encounters an unknown creature on his way back home and it mysteriously disappears.

Will’s condition worsens

In this episode of stranger things, Will’s condition worsens. He begins to feel like he’s being controlled by the Upside Down.

Even seeing flashes from the beast that brought him there gives him paranoia.

Joyce attempts to connect with Will by using the grid made up of many Christmas lights that she has around her home. Although it’s not perfect, the system works.

Hopper discovers, while investigating the pumpkin fields, that they look just like the Upside Down.

They have the same weird ooze as last year buried within them. That leads him to a tunnel that appears to lead to the Upside Down.

Will is reduced to a puppet by the Mind Flayer in the Upside Down. He takes Will on a wild goose chase. Eventually, Will calls out to Hopper and instructs them to close the gate.

Vecna tries to kill Max

After learning that Vecna wants to open four gates in Hawkins, Eleven and her gang come up with a plan of attack.

Max acts as bait, distracting Vecna long enough for Nancy, Steve and Robin to kill his real body in the Upside Down.

Vecna has a special knack for putting people in a trance — one that they can’t escape.

These trances can occur for a variety of reasons, such as depression, grief or guilt.

In order to break free, victims will often listen to songs that mean something to them. Max, for example, listened to Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill (An Deal with God)”.

She was able, as she listened, to the song to help her recall her happy memories.

This included her first kiss with Lucas in 1984 at the Snow Ball. These memories were what broke Vecna’s hold and helped her get out of his grip.

Hopper and Joyce reunite

After a long and arduous journey, Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) and Jim Hopper (David Harbour) finally reunite in the first part of Stranger Things Season 4 Vol. 1.

Although they were apart for most of the season they were reunited in Russia and shared an intimate embrace that was well worth the wait.

Fans of the show were so excited to see their favorite characters together again, and David Harbour revealed that he knew there was a lot of pressure to get it right for the episode.

In the episode, Hopper and Joyce were rescued from a Russian prison after they narrowly escape a demogorgon.

Both Hopper and Joyce were left wondering how they would get to Hawkins after they had been rescued.

They were able to find their way home thanks to Joyce and Murray.

Eleven closes off the gate

Eleven finally seals the Gate to the Upside Down, keeping the Mind Flayer from coming in to the real world.

She’s been trying to get the gate to shut ever since she first sent the Demogorgon through it in 1979.

It’s a huge moment that feels like a culmination of everything Eleven has been through throughout Season 1 of Stranger Things: fleeing government agents, fighting a monster from another dimension, and battling an Eldritch Abomination trying to break through the Gate into Hawkins.

In the end, Eleven seals the Gate with the help of Hopper and Jonathan.

Even though they share the same look, it’s something missing in their relationship ever since Sara passed away.

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