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Steamy Stacks Rings : How Do You Get All Floating Rings At Steamy Stacks?


Where To Get 5 Floating Rings At Steamy Stacks In Season 4 Of ‘Fortnite’

Steamy stacks rings : As you begin to complete your Chapter 2, Season 4, Week 9 challenges this morning, you could get a sense of déjà vu.

That’s because, back in Season 3, Epic Games issued a challenge to gather Floating Rings in Steamy Stacks.

However, there was a problem, and Epic ended up automatically finishing the challenge for everyone.

So now we’re back with all-new Floating Rings locations, some of which are a little more difficult to find.

This time, the rings can be found both within and outside Steamy Stacks’ numerous industrial buildings.

Some are out in the open, while others are tucked away in obscure locations.

And if you attempt it in Fortnitemares mode, there will be fog to obstruct your search and plenty of opposing players—not to mention Shadows.

As a result, I recommend finishing this task as part of a team. Normally, I’d recommend bringing a squad here and destroying the map, but with the extra visual challenge of a dark, foggy map, it could be more trouble than it’s worth.

So, here are all FIVE of the sites. Normally, these tasks just demand you to collect four Floating Rings, but this time you’ll need to find five, making it slightly more challenging. The map is as follows:

#1 — The first Floating Ring may be found on a small outdoor ledge on the western side of Steamy Stacks’ westernmost building:

#2 – This one is the most straightforward to locate. It’s located on a short tower to the east of the first structure. It’s visible from the roof.

#3 — This ring is located on the pipe just to the west of the southernmost Stack and is little more difficult to locate. You can see it on the pipe if you go to the southern smokestack and turn around and face west.

#4 – This is the more difficult of the two indoor rings. Basically, you can discover the ring in the large yellow pincers at the top of the main interior area if you travel to the building depicted above, to the right of Mystique, and step inside.

#5 — The fifth ring is in the large building on the eastern side of the location, just north of the southern smokestack, which has a large number 5 on the side. Proceed up the southern stairwell until you reach a door on your left. Inside, the floating ring will be waiting for you. Unfortunately, I got my hands on the ring before I could take a screenshot. With the storm approaching, I was in a rush.

Steamy Stacks Floating Rings

So, before I grabbed the ring by accident, here is where it was. That’s all there is to it, guys.

Once you’ve collected all five rings, you’ll have completed the challenge, gained valuable XP, and moved one step closer to Tier 100 and the Iron Man skin.

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