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Some Steps to writing a strong essay about COVID-19


CoronaVirus disease is a popular disease commonly referred to as COVID-19; the outbreak began in December 2019. This viral disease has affected every human. However, its effect on individuals varies; we all feel its consequences differently depending on various factors.

The virus kept so many out of work, many businesses folded, schools were closed, and restrictions of movement and public gatherings were prohibited. Some started working online, parents homeschool their children, and online marketing was adopted to replace grocery stores.

While some have no choice but to be exposed while trying to meet daily needs. Heavily shaken by the corona pandemics, it is no surprise that it has become a common topic in academic essays. Regardless of your course of study, writing a COVID-19 essay can be a great challenge. If you need a helping hand, you can use an essay writer to help you out. Writing a pandemic essay can be different from a normal academic essay because your answer depends on how the pandemic affects you and your surrounding community.

The first question you will ask yourself might be, what has the pandemic been like for you? Has it been okay? Very negative? or very positive? This article will help you answer those questions and produce a good piece of work as it will provide you with some steps to write a strong essay about COVID-19.

Do a Background Study

This is the first stage of writing an academic essay. It is vital for students writing essays to apply certain theories and questions that will help enhance and comprehend the essay question. As regards to COVID-19 essay, what you should be reading is a critical question you need to ask yourself. You can start by reading the essay theme given to you by your teacher. You need to be able to write without going off-topic to have an excellent essay.

Understand what you are being asked to write, whether you are asked to analyze, describe, define or enumerate. Make sure you are not off-topic. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the question, your focus should be on materials that will help put together your ideas. Your best options are newspapers, journals, articles, and websites. Remember to take notes while you read.

Create an essay plan

Once you have fully understood the question and have an idea of what you are about to write, the next step is to start planning immediately. The first step of planning is to brainstorm; this should be after you are done with background reading.

Identify the numbers of points and ideas you want the essay to have; this will form a logical outline and help create a template for your essay. Second, create an outline of points you intend to debate in an analytic arrangement. This will help you progress and guide you when writing your COVID-19 essay.

Write The First Draft

This is the most crucial stage of essay writing. To boost your chance of good grades, it is essential to submit a remarkable essay. This requires great preparation. Start by writing the first draft of your work; this messy and rough piece will help you outline the points of your arguments. It is easy to forget about the key points when you do not have a draft.

Also, you can easily tell if your text provides the answers to the question of the essay or if it fulfills the purpose of the essay. First drafts help you reduce aimless writing, and for a student about to write a great COVID-19 essay, you cannot do without it.

Writing the Essay

With the draft serving as a guide, now it’s time to write your essay on covid 19. When writing the body of your text, do well to note the following:

Use verified sources: There are a lot of sources that provide coronavirus information. Make sure that your facts and figures are from reputable sources. Moreso, if your essay is region-specific, ensure to get your data from that region, not third parties.

Use up-to-date information: Due to the rapid growth and spread of the disease, the information on coronaVirus keeps changing. When writing your COVID-19 essay, ensure to make use of recent information. Check the publishing date of every data you will be consulting.

Avoid personal opinion and pronouns: We all have opinions, and individual opinions often relate to how the consequences of the disease outbreak affect us. This may not seem relevant, but this is to keep yourself invisible from the evidence you are providing unless it’s a reflective essay.

Likewise, it is advisable to avoid using personal pronouns in your COVID-19 essay and communicate your essay from a distanced viewpoint. Words like “we, I, our, my” must be avoided.

Proofreading: After putting together your points, take your time to proofread your work before submitting it. Check for spelling and grammatical errors, ensure the font size and format are accurate, and ensure your points and sentiments are carefully presented. Lastly, review the submission prerequisites.


The covid pandemic might be an emotional topic to write about because of the damages the virus caused globally. The trick is to not get overly emotional and stray off the point. Stick with your essay plan, remain focused and objective.

Avoid adding contexts that are not required and double-check your facts. Also, provide the necessary references and use the appropriate format.