Frustrated by hearing those water drops dripping down on your nose? It is a good sign that your home requires urgent waterproofing before the droplets become fountains lashing down on the expensive flooring.

The following are warning signs of potential seepage damage or other water-related issues in your home.

Dark stains on the walls or ceilings of the home

These occurrences are early warning signs of potential water damage or seepage leaks in your home. One may observe when they identify beige color spots or beige discoloration, even though they must have painted their walls milk white. The water starts clogging up inside the walls, making them darker and weakening their comprehensive strength

The pungent smell of water in the home vicinities

Some signs are not visible to the eye but to the nose; one of them is the gross, pungent smell the residents usually sense, especially during the monsoon. Basements, storerooms, and parking areas are the first places to look when you notice a foul odor in your home. This is due to molds and mildews caused by untreated seepages and water leakage in your home.

Bubbling or blistering

Accept it or not, we’ve all seen those bubble-like fungi growing on the exteriors of those bathrooms. Yet we either have to choose However, when it comes to repairing it, we either choose to It should be noted, however, that these fungi blisters can cause respiratory problems in residents and lead to fungal infections.

Watch out for the humidity

High humidity can also contribute to wall peeling. For safety reasons, one may purchase a humidity meter and monitor the humidity levels in your home. Consider investing in a dehumidifier or addressing ventilation issues if they are consistently high. Unventilated bathrooms or those without windows are hotbeds of these problems being born.

Flaky or cracked walls.

Water that seeps through can change how the paint feels and appears because plasterboard isn’t waterproof. Look for peeling and flaking, which are both indications of water damage to the wall. Although the peeling or flaking may begin slowly, it will spread as the damage gets worse if the leak isn’t stopped. You might only need to look at your appliances or plumbing fittings to find the leak, or you could need a plumber’s assistance.

So how should I prepare to deal with it?

We have talked enough about the problems related to waterproofing; now, let us discuss some good solutions or steps one may take against them to stop overflowing or seepage damage.

Start with a DIY inspection tour around your home, starting first with the roof to check for any possible leakage or seepage issues because the roofs are directly exposed to external environmental factors such as UV rays of the sun, rainfall, and humidity, due to which these areas are the first to get affected.

When it comes to the interior, most of the major water-related problems are caused not by improper waterproofing but by the bad quality of the paint on the walls. As a result, when painting your home, always use high-quality waterproof paint.

Drainage is the major culprit for all kidneys with water-related problems or even respiratory issues caused by the same. It is important for you to make sure that you have hired a trustworthy waterproofing contractor for your home’s waterproofing needs. One may find that by simply searching for waterproofing services near me. They will automatically get a list of the local waterproofing contractors in their vicinity.

As we come to a conclusion, we can summarise that there are many factors to be considered apart from the usual problems when it comes to finding the water-related issues in your home and moreover, one must take some extra steps to ensure safely guarded homes during monsoon.

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