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Sigma Male – Why are Sigma Males Bold & Attractive

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Sigma Male : Well, a viral Twitter post on Monday brought the term “sigma male” to the internet’s attention as yet another fascinating and new technique for society to limit masculine expression.

Explained: The Pseudoscience Behind The ‘Sigma Male’

Are you sick of men being divided into two illogical, made-up categories known as “alpha” and “beta”?

The Twitter tweet draws attention to media that compresses masculinity’s broad range into a rigid hierarchy of “alpha,” “beta,” and “sigma” males, so that men can understand and accept their place in society without ever contemplating themselves as… you know, human beings with boundless potential.

What is the definition of an Alpha Male?

For those unfamiliar with masculine mythology, the concept of an alpha male is founded on the ridiculously nonsensical assumption that human communities are meant to be led by an aggressive, domineering leader, AKA, the “alpha.”

The now-debunked idea was based on observations of wolves living in captivity, and subsequent studies of wild wolves determined that wolf behaviour was far more nuanced than a binary between an alpha and his terrified followers.

The corrective, however, came too late; the image of an alpha man persisted, well established in popular culture, as an ideology that may legitimise repressive structures and reduce people to clichés.

The alpha guy is essentially a zodiac sign, loaded with a smidgeon of incel ideology and utilised to validate poisonous viewpoints and accentuate pre-existing fears.

What is the definition of a Sigma Male?

A sigma male is essentially an introverted alpha male, allowing misguided men to position themselves at the very top of this fictitious hierarchy without the loud, boisterous demeanour that a “alpha” possesses.

John Wick is said to be an example of a sigma man, because who doesn’t want to be compared to a cool, composed assassin? Keanu Reeves, on the other hand, is an excellent choice for a role model who epitomises a non-existent category of manhood.

Other made-up classifications include beta, gamma, and omega guys, who are all at the bottom of the hierarchy and are unlikely to find financial stability or a sexual partner.

If you haven’t noticed, this is exactly how pick-up artists think about the world; it’s about as intelligent as a Buzzfeed quiz that divides people into different tastes of Starbucks syrup.

Will the sigma male be as influential (and deceiving) as the alpha male?

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