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Should You Consider Honbike Chainless & Folding E-bike 


Should You Consider Honbike Chainless & Folding E-bike 

Today having an e-bike is the absolute trend. Not only for people living in cities but also for those who live in the suburbs and want to have a reliable means of transportation. It is safe to say that commuting with an electric bike to the urban streets is an image from the future. However, you will have opportunity to ride a chainless & folding electric bikes from Honbike and taking advantage of this emerging technology that makes other bikes look a lot older and outdated. As a new e-bike model, what makes it unique?

Chainless Means Less Maintenance

When a bike has no chain to connect the pedals to the rear wheel there is more energy passing directly to the wheels. The traditional chain used to absorb much of the energy created from your feet or the e-motor for that reason. When Honbike managed to replace that chain with an internal rotating rod, there were many experts that believed the system wasn’t meant to work efficiently.

However, the rod makes a direct connection to the real axis and moves the wheel instantaneously. That means you will have all the torque given to the pedals transferred to the rear wheels right away. It’s the most energy-efficient way to pass the energy to the rear wheel. Not to mention that you will need fewer maintenance stops every year since the internal rod is not as vulnerable and exposed as the chain used to be.

The lack of chain Means Better Energy Transfer

The chain is used to eat that extra energy created from your feet through the pedals. That is something you can expect to eliminate with the chainless Hon bike that uses the internal rod system to rotate and move the rear wheel. Many people would love to have that kind of technology in their e-bikes since the rod is the most impressive achievement mechanics have introduced in the last century. 

Additionally, there is a lot of energy-saving with the internal rod since you need to absorb and use less energy from the battery to move the bicycle. That wasn’t the case with the chain bikes, where much of the energy was lost to the environment as thermal energy. And you also need to lubricate the chain almost every day to keep it in perfect condition and ensure that it will last for long since it used to be one of the most expensive spare parts of the bike.

Folding E-bikes Are More Convenient for Urban Use

The other benefit of e-bikes is that they are completely foldable. That means you can have them folded up in less than 15 seconds; that is the least time you expected to carry them to your office from the pavement. That gives you extra safety that nobody will steal your e-bike since you can have it in the elevator and store it in a safe place in your working environment. It’s so easy to fold and unfold the e-bike that you will wonder how you could manage without it in the previous years.

Commuting is A lot Better in Busy Streets Thanks to the Suitable Size

The Honbike HF01 has a slimmer size. That means you can pass through the lanes of the cars stuck in traffic and eliminate the long waiting time to go back home from work. You can also turn in any alley and pass through narrow streets when you ride a Honbike e-bike. That gives you the chance to overpass the traffic and enter the highway to reach your destination a lot sooner than other times. It’s the clear benefit that e-bikes have against the competition since you can expect the e-motor to give you better results when you pass through the busy streets.

Honbike Chainless Comes With a Great Warranty

As an emerging e-bike company, Honbike provides every users with two-year warranty, with 40000KM maintenance-free service for its Monotork shaft drive system. People riding the e-bike can be sure that this warranty will cover them in all possible incidents since the company has a comprehensive team to give you support no matter what happens to you in the busy city streets. That warranty expands to the spare parts and gives you more reasons to be mind-free and buy an electric bike that will save you money and time.

You Can Have The Shapes and Colors You Love

With Honbike e-bikes, you can not only expect to find a reliable commuting partner, but you can also find a fashionable one. It’s not only about commuting with safety and consistency but also about being innovative and impressing your friends and peers being always the center of attention.

Honbike chainfree design is more fashionable than others featuring a great aerodynamic profile that can give you lots of sights when you move through the city streets. You can even get to professional meetings with your bike and let everyone admire your sports personality and great mindfulness for the environment.