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Who Is Sheree Zampino: Will Smith’s Ex-Wife?


Sheree Zampino married Will Smith three years ago. They have one son, Trey Smith. Smith got married to actress Jada pinkett Smith in 1997 and Zampino wed former NFL player Terrell Flecher in 2007. They divorced in 2014.

They have been able to co-parent their children, Jaden Smith, and Willow Smith. This has been a hard work for them.

Zampino, a friend and cast member Garcelle Beauvais appeared on season 12 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2022.

However, it was not her first appearance on a reality TV show. This is everything you need about Sheree Zapino, the ex-wife and mother of Will Smith.

She married Smith in 1992 and has a son

Zampino wed Smith in May 1992. Their son, Trey Smith was born in November 1992. They divorced in 1995.

Smith shared his thoughts with Jada about the difficult times he had experienced “With Sheree, and with Trey,” in 2020’s episode of Red Table Discussion . “Divorce was the worst thing I have ever done in my adult life. Divorce was the greatest failure of my adult life.”

He said, “I’ve been hurt quite a bit in my adult life but I don’t think anything can touch the failure to get divorced from my 2-year old son’s mom.”

Trey was 30 years old on November 20, 2022. His entire family including Jada wished him a happy Birthday on Instagram.

The Red table Talk host wrote, “I can’t believe that you’re 30 and what an amazing 30 you are.” It’s been an honor to see you grow and learn more as you fly higher and higher. You are a wonderful person. I am grateful for your love and support. Happy Birthday, 30th birthday!

She also praised his parents, saying: “Congratulations @shereezampino & @willsmith –you’ve done well.” Zampino replied, “Correction… WE’ve done well!” J, I love you! #BestBonusMomEver.”

She studied fashion designing

Zampino studied fashion design and fashion merchandising both at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York City, and the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Los Angeles.

“Sheree, a little girl, was drawing divas in her own fashion designs when others were leaving cookies for Santa. the website of her boutique.

She was also married with Terrell Fletcher

Zampino was married to Fletcher in 2007. He is a pastor at the City of Hope International Church. Zampino filed to divorce in 2014, citing irreconcilable disagreements.

She was an actor on Hollywood Exes

She was part of all three seasons, 2012-2014, of VH1’s reality series Hollywood Exes. The series followed the lives of Zampino, Nicole Murphy(Eddie Murphy), Jessica Canseco(Jose Canseco), Mayte Garcia (Prince), and Andrea Kelly (R. Kelly, Shamicka Gibbs and Shanna Molakler (Travis Barker), years after their divorces.

She was the former director for a women’s ministry

Zampino was the director of City of Hope International Church’s women’s ministry for six years while she was married to Fletcher.

Fletcher was shown a scene of Zampino on Hollywood Exes. She told her that she was ready for retirement from this level of service at City Of Hope International Church, where Fletcher remained as senior pastor.

She’s a business owner

In 2009, Sheree Elizabeth Boutique was launched. The brand holds pop-up “Sip and Shop” events across the country to sell accessories, clothing, and jewelry. Zampino also has Whoop Ash a line moisturizing body butter that she started in 2006.

Her cooking is loved by the entire Smith family

Zampino’s culinary skills are treasured by the Smith family, especially during holiday season. Pinkett Smith and Willow asked Zampino for help in preparing a meal for their holiday episode RedTable Talk.

Pinkett Smith introduced Zampino by saying, “We’ve invited the favorite cook in our family to share her secrets holiday recipes.” “Miss Ree here hooks up.”

“Every time!” Willow added.

She joined The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to be a part of the cast of In 2022

Bravo announced in December 2021 that Zampino would be joining the cast of to act as a friend for season 12, which aired in 2022.

“I would love for her to be a good friend on the show,” Beverly Hills Housewife Garcelle Belvais stated to PEOPLE in October 2021 before Zampino’s casting became public. “I would love someone I could trust.”

Smith and She are still close

Zampino has a close relationship to her ex-husband and celebrates her special days with him. Smith called Zampino “the best baby mama ever” in November 2018 when he posted a Happy Birthday message to Zampino on Instagram.

After the March 2022 awards ceremony, the couple posed with their Oscar. “Epic Night! We all win when 1 wins! She wrote #family1st on Instagram.

She wasn’t always a good friend of Pinkett Smith

Pinkett Smith and Zampino discussed how their relationship had changed over the years in October 2022.

Pinkett Smith stated that they have developed a very close sisterhood but it wasn’t always easy. This was during an episode of RED Table Talk on Facebook Watch. Zampino also appeared as a guest. Pinkett Smith acknowledged that sometimes, “we had to fake it to get it,”

“Trying to have a blended household without having a plan is difficult. She said that it was something we had to learn along the way. It was about maturity for me.

It was not about understanding the marital dynamics, such as ‘OK, divorce papers have been sent and people are done with it. 

Pinkett Smith said, “Oh, guess what? It ain’t ever done.” This was my biggest mistake, as this woman is part of the family. It was like taking on [ Sheree] and Will’s son Trey Smith, but Sheree was also coming along as part of the package.

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