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Sharyn Kills Back Murder: How Did He Die?


Sharyn Kills Back Murder: Investigation Discovery’s “Swamp Murders” chronicles the horrific rape, strangulation and murder of a South Dakota teen named Sharyn Kills again.

Her body was found in a ditch in the southern Arlington ditch in March 1985. She was then murdered. This episode shows how detectives followed up on the case for just two years, and the best way the killer was finally caught and brought to justice.

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How Did Sharyn Kills Die?

Sharyn Kills back was born July 1, 1966 in Pine Ridge, Oglala Lakota, South Dakota to Mowis E. kills Again and Audrey I unhealthy hair. She grew up in Porcupine and attended college there before moving to Clearfield, Utah in March 1983 to teach Job Corps. She was Oglala Sioux and has lived in Arlington since 1985.

She was a smart and kind girl and enjoyed daily correspondence with her family. It was a complete shock that the 18-year old teen disappeared on March 15, 1985.

Eight days later, a plumber found her body in a storm drain in Southern Arlington. Her body was wrapped in a rope around her neck, and it appeared that she had been raped.

The post-mortem report confirmed that strangulation was the cause of her death. Investigators believed she had been murdered on March 20, 1985.

Sharyn Killed Again

Sharyn had been to a party weeks before her disappearance, where she had met a man she was in love with. His past legal troubles meant that his associates did not like him.

Although they tried to explain it to Sharyn, Sharyn was still infatuated along with her associates. Investigators first approached the man who said he rejected Sharyn because he was married.

The investigators found no evidence linking him to Sharyn’s murder. He was in the same residence as Sharyn and passed a polygraph test.

After purchasing right right here, a woman sufferer was kidnapped. She tried to be raped near the location Sharyn’s body was found. Authorities quickly arrested the attacker after the victim managed to flee. The victim gave a polygraph, and police were unable to link him to Sharyn’s homicide.

For the 20 years that followed Sharyn’s murder, Fort Value Chilly Case detectives were unable to contact Arlington Chilly Case detectives.

They had Curtis Don Brown, a prisoner serving a life sentence for the unrelated rape, and homicide, of 51-year-old Jewel Woods on Could 28, 1986. Although forensic science wasn’t yet developed, it has certainly advanced exponentially in the past.

Where is Curtis Don Brown?

Curtis was already in Tarrant County prison when he was arrested on capital homicide charges of Sharyn, Terece. In the meantime, he was close to parole.

Although investigators consider him a suspect in at least one 18-homicide, they couldn’t scientifically link them to Curtis.

According to one of the detectives, “The time, location and details surrounding the death of Ms. Gregory as well as Ms. Kills Again points out a possible connection to the other instances. This is not a possibility and we can continue to investigate for the benefit of the victims and their families.

Curtis pleaded guilty to Terece’s and Sharyn’s extra homicide payments. His plea agreement helped him avoid the death penalty. Instead, Curtis was sentenced to two life sentences without the possibility of parole.

While Sharyn received help, his family was told by Terece that the plea deal was “against law in its own right.”

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