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Sex Indians Workers: The Supreme Court of India has ruled in favor of India’s sex workers.


Sex Indians workers: The Supreme Court of India has ruled in favor of India’s sex workers: According to the courts, officials must enter the consequences of Covid-19 lockdowns into databases for voting and benefits after suffering the effects.

The country’s top court ruled that the Indian government must enroll sex workers in computerized systems that provide them access to things like voting and social welfare benefits, potentially providing recognition and relief to many thousands of individuals who have long gone.

Sex Indians Workers: Supreme Court of India News

The Supreme Court of India ruled on Tuesday that Sex Indians workers must be issued voter and ration cards by the federal and state governments. According to the three-judge panel, they should also be enrolled in Aadhaar, the biometric system that covers the entire country and is often required to receive government benefits.

The Supreme Court of India stated on Tuesday that “basic rights are guaranteed to every citizen of the country, regardless of his or her job.” “The government has a legal obligation to provide basic services to the country’s residents.”

The court was considering a petition submitted by the Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee, a group of Sex Indians workers located in Kolkata, India’s West Bengal state capital, that highlighted issues experienced by sex workers during the coronavirus outbreak. The collective claims to have over 130,000 members, claims that sex workers are exploited, and seeks redress for female and transgender sex workers across India.

In a phone interview from Kolkata, Biplab Mukherjee, an adviser for the collective, stated, “It is a fantastic achievement providing citizenry identification to sex workers.” “Hundreds of thousands of sex workers in this country have endured years of battle and decades of pain.”

Sex Indians Workers News

In India, prostitution is legal. However, maintaining a brothel and related acts like solicitation and pimping are not permitted. According to human rights organizations, India has around 900,000 Sex Indians workers. They claim that most were pulled into the profession by crushing poverty, and some were coerced into it by human traffickers.

Two prostitutes said they went without work during the interview epidemic, especially after the government imposed a rigorous lockdown last year to combat the initial wave. This resulted in a mass departure of migrant workers from large cities, who they claim are the principal patrons of prostitutes, to their homes in remote locations.

One of them, Preeti, a prostitute in New Delhi, said she was confined to her tiny home during the lockdown and had no money. She claims she would have died hungry if it weren’t for the gurdwaras or Sikh temples that distribute meals to the poor. Because of the stigma associated with prostitution, she requested that her full name not be revealed.


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