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Severe Weather Possible Tonight, but comfortable weather next week


Tonight there is a potential of strong to severe storms returning, and next week will be calm and comfortable.

Tonight may be a chance for Severe Weather

Despite the likelihood of sunshine this afternoon, showers and thunderstorms are predicted to return overnight, with the possibility of some strong to severe storms, ahead of calmer, cozier weather next week.

In southern Minnesota and northern Iowa, today will alternate between largely sunny and partly overcast conditions as highs climb into the low 90s by late afternoon.

Dew points will be in the middle to high 60s, so there will be some humidity, which will make it feel a little sticky outside throughout the afternoon.

The good news is that, despite the area’s forecasted humidity, we won’t see extreme heat and high humidity that will cause heat indices to reach triple digits. Instead, the heat index may only reach the mid- to upper-90s.

A pleasant breeze of up to 20 mph is also anticipated during the day, with gusts up to 25 mph likely in some places.

We are going to keep a careful eye on the storm chances with the predicted overnight active weather since there is a level 1 through level 3 risk for strong to severe weather in the region.

This indicates that the risks we are witnessing in the upper Midwest are minimal, modest, and exacerbated.

All types of extreme weather, including powerful wind gusts, huge hail, and a few tornadoes, are probable.

Although there is a greater tornado hazard to our north and northwest, this does not preclude the possibility of an isolated tornado or two occurring in our region.

After midnight, showers and thunderstorms are expected to begin to move into the area from the south-southwest, arriving in the Mankato region between one and two in the morning tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning’s showers and thunderstorms will last until the early afternoon, clearing off here in southern Minnesota between 2:00 and 3:30 pm.

After the last of the showers and thunderstorms have left the area, there will be a gradual clearing and return of sunlight.

Through the afternoon, temperatures will remain in the mid-eighties.

As temperatures dip into the upper 50s, clear skies will continue to exist throughout the night and into Sunday morning.

Despite partly bright skies, Sunday will be the coolest day of the weekend and the following week.

Through the afternoon, temperatures will be in the mid to upper 70s before falling to the mid-50s by Monday morning.

As we finish out June and usher in July with a beautiful mix of sunshine and cloud covering, next week will stay calm and comfortable, with highs circling in the mid to upper 80s.

The likelihood of rain will be quite low the following week, with the slight possibility of a few isolated showers on Tuesday and a few sporadic showers and thunderstorms on Thursday.