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Selene Delgado Lopez Is Stalking Facebook Users


Selene Delgado Lopez Is Stalking Facebook Users: Online, a viral conspiracy theory warned Facebook users that a Selene Delgado loz is stalking them.

Although it’s a bad idea, this is not the first hoax to spread on the internet.

The Mexican urban legend about missing persons dates back to the 1990s. It is the basis of this version.

Canal 5, a television channel that used to include a segment about missing persons between its shows, is the subject of this story.

What is Selene Delgado?

The Facebook profile of Selene Delgado has attracted a lot of attention.

The profile shows a photo of a short-haired female wearing orange clothes and contains no additional information.

Several posts have been made about her online, including on Reddit and Twitter. Many are curious if they are friends with her or how to unfriend them.

A Facebook scam claims that Selene Delgado has been added to your friend list, but she is not your friend.

According to reports, she is a Mexican lady who disappeared in Mexico almost 30 years ago.

She was featured in missing persons” segments between ads on a Mexican television channel.

A Canal 5 viewer-created this fake account. The account has its Facebook privacy settings turned off and the friend request button disabled.

The report has become a viral sensation, sending numerous messages to Facebook users. It makes it appear that they are friends.

Who is Selene Delgado?

You may have seen recent Facebook posts about Selene Delgado loz.

These posts claim she is on every person’s friend list and that you cannot unfriend her. This sounds scary!

It is all part of a conspiracy theory spreading on social media. Selene Delgado Loz’s Facebook page is based on an urban legend about a Mexican woman who disappeared in the 1990s from Mexico.

This is most likely an example of fake news or mistaken identity. Like the Momo hoax last year, this viral post about Selene de Lagado Lopez is false and should not be trusted.

According to Mashable, the account’s creator appears to be aware of the urban legend and may use it to promote Canal 5 (Televisa Networks Mexico).

Similar to the tactic they used with their Twitter account, where they posted disturbing videos about missing persons at 3:00 a.m. and then deleted them later, this is similar.

Selene Delgado can be found where?

Recent posts have focused on the mysterious account Selene Dela Loz. Many people are concerned about her. But who is she?

Selene Delgado is a popular Spanish name found throughout South America. It is also a popular name in Mexico.

Mexican urban legends claim that a woman with this name disappeared 30 years ago.

She was identified as missing in a Canal 5 segment titled Servicio a la Comunidad Mexico (Mexico). This segment featured the stories of missing persons.

Later, the news channel made a video of the story, and it became a viral hoax.

These accounts may seem harmless, but they could spread misinformation quickly and contain links that could lead users to scam websites.

What Businesses Are Associated With Selene Delgado?

Selene Delgado is synonymous with luxury in the Mexican Riviera. This is a state in Mexico with many luxury hotels and spas.

Many fine restaurants, bars, and other venues are available. Approximately 4 million people are living in the city.

This is a remarkable feat considering that it boasts miles of beaches and some of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.