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Search Between A Film Camera A Snowy: Battle Royale has here, and with it, a new set of weekly challenges.

This season, challenges are divided into Mission Bundles, and you must complete the first challenges before moving on to the next. After you’ve completed the Mission Bundle’s seven regular challenges, you’ll be able to unlock the Prestige challenges, which are somewhat more difficult versions of the original batch. All of this week’s challenges may be found right here.

The ‘Blockbuster’ Mission Bundle this week takes us back to Season 4, when a meteor smashed into the heart of Fortnite’s map, demolishing the now-resurrected Dusty Divot and leaving a vast crater in its place.

Search Between A Film Camera A Snowy Qualities

Search Between A Film Camera A Snowy

We also saw the debut of superheroes and supervillains, as well as Risky Reels and other new features. It was a season that combined superheroes with film sets, and it was one of my favourites thus far.

In any case, gamers must choose between a cellar camera, a snowy stone head, and a bright gold large rig for one of this week’s challenges. These “search between” challenges have always been one of my favourites, and I’m excited to see them back for Season 10, Week 5.

So, where is the Battle Star, which is placed between these three points? It turns out it’s right here on the map, southwest of Tilted Town and northwest of Shifty Shafts:

This is on the border of C6 and D6, on a snowy elevation slightly northeast of the frozen lake where Greasy Grove used to be, as you can see (RIP, Greasy). This is a close-up of the location:

A little spot of bare soil can be seen on the top of this mound, looking down over the forest around Shifty Shafts

Dirt, grass, and other debris can be seen peeking through the permafrost, and this is where the Battle Star is buried.

The flashy gold big rig—a large, futuristic truck just at the bottom of the slop between Tilted Town and Shifty Shafts—the basement camera—located in the southernmost house west of Shifty Shafts—and the snowy stone head—located just to the west, on the snowy hill above the frozen lake—are all right there.

You’ll get one of the ‘Blockbuster’ Mission Bundle rewards if you interact with the Battle Star. These work in a different way than previous seasons. Challenges aren’t tied to specific rewards; instead, each one unlocks a new one as you go through them.

So the first prize could be 10 Battle Stars, the second XP, the third a cosmetic item, and so on, but it makes no difference which task you accomplish first.

Also keep in mind that there will be a slew of foes at this location on the map today. This makes it risky, but it also presents a tremendous chance for the astute player.

You can take out some unarmed opponents if you grab a weapon or two down at Shifty or the frozen lake and hightail it to this position. Just keep your cool and let them have the Battle Star first

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