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Review of Viswasam: Ajith’s film is a laborious story filled with melodrama

Review of Viswasam
Review of Viswasam

As soon as Viswasam ends, all that crosses your mind is: Thank God Ajith has finished working with director Siva.” That means no more formulaic, set pattern-driven Ajith-starrers like this one that are relying solely on formulae, patterns and cliches to tell their stories.

Viswasam itself is not bad in any way – rather, its story has been seen numerous times before and feels familiar.

Review of Viswasam
Review of Viswasam

Jagpathi Babu, who plays the villain in this film, has previously performed this same role. As a businessman who seeks to eliminate his enemies at any cost – even if that means murdering an innocent young girl in order to achieve his goals – Jagpathi Babu does not hesitate to kill innocents to achieve his ends.

Viswasam tells the tale of a city girl falling in love with a rural boy; however, its creators take an excessively long time establishing this storyline. Even after interval, there are songs which slow down its pace without adding anything worthwhile; just when tension builds up between characters you get served another song to distract you instead.

Siva has managed to transform an entertaining family flick into an overblown Hollywood production; and this only serves to undermine it further. When the first confrontation between antagonist and protagonist occurs so late into the film it feels too little, too late.

Viswasam should have been much funnier than what it actually is. Nayanthara as Niranjana should be strong and independent, yet her choices don’t lead her anywhere near happiness and her character remains on the surface level – similar to Akshara Haasan from Vivegam who could have been more intriguing but never makes an appearance beyond superficial appearances.

Viswasam, which features Ajith and Nayanthara as the lead pair, serves as proof that melodrama does not always guarantee success in film. While soap opera drama works for television soaps, film like Viswasam should have been more realistic. Unfortunately, Ajith stars as opposed to being real, and the viswasam actress name is not enough to save the film.

Though its intended aim may have been to bring audiences joyous feelings of victory, what it ends up doing is spoiling their enjoyment of a good commercial film.

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