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Review of “Rosapoo”: a weak comedy

Rosapoo Review
Rosapoo Review

As Kochi business struggles to recover, Vinu Joseph’s Shajahan and his associates – led by director Vinu Joseph himself – look for quick ways to generate cash quickly; adult movies appear as the answer.

Rosapoo is a black comedy about Shajahan or Shanu (Biju Menon), who struggles to meet daily expenses and repay debts after his fortunes decline, taking odd jobs to try and make ends meet but ultimately to no avail.

Rosapoo Review
Rosapoo Review

Ambrose (Neeraj Madhav), his similarly aimless friend working at cable channel but with dreams of one day becoming a director himself strikes up an idea: making adult films together with Laila who’s an attractive actress from Chennai as their partner – they embark on making adult film production together.

Rosapoo is a Malayalam comedy film that features a talented cast of rosapoo. The film marks Anjali’s return to Mollywood after an absence; her last Malayalam film was Payyans. Soubin Shahir reprises his role of Sojeer; veteran actor Vijayaraghavan appears as moneylender; Alencier Lopez serves as assistant; Gulf returnee Sudheer Karamana lends money for its production; it also marks Shilpa Manjunath’s entrance into Mollywood – all these actors seem determined to portray their roles convincingly.

Sushin Syam’s music department in films such as The Great Father, Ezra and Villain has earned widespread acclaim; and this film will no doubt follow suit.

Jassie Gift’s rendition of Mutta Paatu stands out due to its charming quirky appeal when Shajahan and his friends engage in egg business ventures that lead them down unexpected paths.

Poor writing and cinematography marred this entire film. While its first half may have been engaging, with characters going about their business in a comical fashion, there were no captivating or captivating scenes to keep audiences interested in watching further.

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