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Review of Achari America Yatra

Achari America Yatra
Achari America Yatra

“Achari America Yatra”, featuring the cast of Achari America Yatra – Manchu Vishnu, Pragya Jaiswal, and Brahmanandam as its central characters, debuted this Friday. Here is our review of this comedy caper.

Achari America Yatra
Achari America Yatra

Krishnamachari (Manchu Vishnu), Brahmanandam, Prabhas Sreenu and Praveen are four achaaris who make their living by performing rituals for money and performing homams for cash offerings.

While staying with Kota Srinivas Rao, unfortunate incidents arise. He dies during a homam and their presence leads to suspicion – ultimately leading them to flee for their lives.

As soon as Krishnamachari convinced his colleagues of their safety in America, he air-dashed to America with them. They eventually ended up at Thakur Anup Singh’s house who, unbeknownst to them, turned out to be related to those looking to kill them in India and who was about to marry Renuka (Pragya Jaiswal), whom our hero met while staying at Kota’s.

What would a G. Nagehswara Reddy film be without its absurd moments?

A character travels across the Atlantic by flying, no matter how hard he tries, no matter who or what they call on for assistance; due to an imbecilic plot devised by our hero and his cohorts blocking all his phone numbers leaving no other option but air travel! What brilliance.

Director should have chosen this title wisely: ‘Asthikala America Yatra’. A key character must ensure their mortal remains (ashes) are preserved, leading our hero to devise intricate schemes in an attempt to do just this – including using Puli Hora as part of his strategy – but things soon go wrong What intelligence.

Brahmanandam suddenly blurted out, “Ivi asthikalu anukuntunnara, janthikalu anukuntunnara?”

His character that cares most for these items giggled uncontrollably as though their sentimentality meant more to her than any Domino’s Pizza delivery To witness such childish moments was frightening.

The film contains not one but two dated and disconcertingly out-of-date flashbacks presented by Kota in his first half, before moving onto his second half where we see him provide an abundance of sentimentality to Pragya Jaiswal through her grandpa-granddaughter relationship; we become increasingly disinterested during these scenes as her heroine seems less committed to care for ‘Thathayya’ while becoming more self-centred as the film progresses.

As our heroine inadvertently strips down to her nudity in her bathroom, our hero catches sight of it accidentally and, initially, it’s unclear who our hero really is; is he an acquaintance or just another Telugu cinema hero out to cause trouble? Eventually however, their noble heart and good nature win her over completely – amazing.

Brahmanandam attempts to seduce both Surekha Vani and another comedienne without success; Prudhvi manages to bring some humor by recounting stories about his late grandfather; had those been shared for both grandpas, it would have added much-needed comedic relief.

Vishnu Manchu excels at his role, which requires comic timing. Pragya Jaiswal should look for more challenging roles; Brahmanandam seems to have fallen back into his usual routine; his act resembles what we saw him perform during some of his “achaari” roles (with the exception of “Adurs”). Pradeep Rawat and Thakur Anup Singh do their jobs well while Prabhas Sreenu and Praveen Posani may sometimes go forgotten altogether.

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