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Resident Evil 4’s Official Little Anime Rules [Updated]



Resident Evil 4’s remake is set for release this week, and Capcom’s marketing for the title is in high gear. While that would normally not spark my interest, they had created an adorable anime just for this game that is simply too good not to share.

Its full name is “Resident Evil 4 Anime PV Resident Evil Masterpiece Theater – ‘Leon and the Mysterious Village’ EP 1”, which may not be catchy but it still gets the point across.

Resident Evil 4 New Episode

Although only 56 seconds long (including title screens), this game has provided fans with 117 previous releases over its 117 year lifespan with pure joy for those who have ever played it.

If the animation style looked familiar to you, that’s because–as the credits at the end state–this clip was created by renowned Japanese studio Nippon Animation, best known for their old show Masterpiece Theater which would showcase short anime episodes every week that were adaptations of existing works.

Though Resident Evil 4 won’t be released until March 24, reviews for the game began appearing last week and, for the 188th time, people are affirming that Resident Evil 4 is indeed a good video game:

On March 24th, Resident Evil 4: Remake arrives on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC – updating one of Capcom’s classic survival horror franchises.

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Following in the footsteps of previous remakes for Resident Evil 2 and 3, this latest title sees Special Agent Leon S. Kennedy sent to a Spanish village to rescue President’s daughter from an evil cult. However, things look much prettier this time around with modern controls and user interface, plus there are some new content such as additional side-quests.

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Some websites, like IGN, have given the game perfect scores; it currently sits at over 90 on Metacritic. But not everyone is won over by this remake; Edge magazine’s deputy editor Chris Schilling tweeted, “Several smart changes; some disappointing cuts. When it’s good, it’s brilliant – but mostly in the same ways as before.”