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Remembering Jane Fishman: A Legacy of Writing and Advocacy


Jane Fishman Obituary: Jane Fishman was a renowned journalist and champion for social justice who passed away on April 1, 2021. Her distinctive voice and writing style earned her an avid following within the Savannah, Georgia community and beyond. In this article, we reflect on her legacy as a writer, advocate, and friend.

Jane Fishman: Growing Up in Chevy Chase, MD

Jane Fishman Obituary

Jane Fishman was born in Washington, D.C. in 1951 and raised in Chevy Chase, Maryland before attending the University of Michigan and graduating with a degree in journalism. Following college she worked for several newspapers including Detroit Free Press before relocating to Savannah, Georgia in 1985.

Fishman quickly earned her place as a talented and respected journalist in Savannah. She worked for the Savannah Morning News for over ten years, covering topics ranging from local politics to the arts. But most notably, her column “Savannah Jane,” which she wrote for two decades. This weekly feature featured personal reflections, social commentary and interviews with local residents; Fishman’s writing style was candid, witty and compassionate – inspiring an enthusiastic following who eagerly anticipated each week’s insight.

Beyond her journalism work, Fishman was deeply committed to social justice and advocacy. She was a member of the Savannah chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), an outspoken supporter of LGBTQ rights, and worked alongside various local organizations to address poverty, homelessness, and hunger in her community.

Remembering Jane Fishman

After news of Jane Fishman’s passing spread, tributes poured in from around Savannah and beyond. Mayor Van Johnson tweeted, “Savannah won’t be the same without Jane Fishman”; and a memorial service was held to remember her.

Many have recognized Fishman’s distinctive writing style and ability to capture the spirit of Savannah as her greatest achievements. Pat Conroy, author of “The Prince of Tides,” said of Fishman: “Her honesty and courage made every reader want to sit down with her and become her friend.”

Others have recognized Fishman’s tireless advocacy work as a testament to her dedication to justice and fairness. A colleague wrote in an op-ed for the Savannah Morning News that “Jane’s legacy is her unwavering commitment to equality in all forms.”

Jane Fishman will be remembered as a force of nature who used her writing and advocacy to make an impact on the world around her. Her legacy will live on through those whom she touched and the causes she championed.


Jane Fishman’s passing is a profound loss for the Savannah community and beyond. Her writing or advocacy work left an indelible mark on our world, inspiring us all to strive towards the ideals she held dear. Let us remember her legacy and continue her work towards fulfilling those ideals she held dear.

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