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Reddy Garu Poyaru Movie Cast, Crew and Story


Reddy Garu Poyaru Movie Cast, Crew and Story: Hello, Everyone Today I am Going to share some interesting facts on The Film Reddy Guru Poyaru Cast, Crew and the Story.

Reddy Garu Poyaru Movie Cast, Crew and Story

Reddy Garu Poyaru Movie

Story of the Film

The film Reddy garu Poyaru is the story of the unprecedented political problems witnessed in the state, the multitude of the scams that have come to light and the war between the various media outlets after the death of a particular leader.

It is an existential fight for the political power which develops after the untimely demise of a great leader. His own people are want to promote themselves, with his death as the investment. Some others are also want to make their heyday after his death. The incident that shattered in the political pool and its effects are the premise of the film called Reddy Garu Poyaru.

Star Cast of the Film

Reddy Garu Poyaru Movie

Chandra Mohan

Chandra Mohan is an Indian film Actor. He works in the Tollywood film Industry. He is also plays the comedian roles. He acted in many of the famous films such as Thammudu in the year 1999, Desamuduru in the year 2007, Yogi in the year 2007, Chintakayala Ravi in the year 2008, Darling in the year 2010 and Dookudu in the year 2011.

Shanvi Srivastava

Shanvi Srivastava is an Indian actress and a model who stars in the South Indian films. She made her debut in the year 2012 in the film called B. Jaya’s Lovely.

Anumolu Sushanth

Anumolu Sushanth is an Indian film actor. He is well known for his works in the Telugu cinema. His First debut film is the film called Kalidasu in the year 2008.

Mohan Babu

Mohan Babu is an Indian film actor, director and a producer. He is well known for his works in the Telugu Cinema. Some of his notable films are Veedevadandi Babu in the year 1997, Pandavulu Pandavulu Thummeda in the year 2014 and Rowdy in the year 2014.

Crew of the Film

Reddy Garu Poyaru Movie

Ram Gopal Varma (The Director of the Film)

Ram Gopal Varma is an Indian film director, screenwriter and a producer. He is well known for his works in the Telugu cinema, Bollywood, and also in television. He is known for the films like Rakta Charitra in the year 2010, The Attacks of 26/11 inthe year 2013, Ice Cream in the year 2014, Anukshanam in the year 2014, Killing Veerappan in the year 2016 and Vangaveeti in the year 2016. He also made an entry into the Telugu cinema with the film called Siva in the year 1989.

Kiran Kumar Koneru (The Producer of the Film)

Kiran Kumar Koneru is a Tollywood film producer and an actor. He is the most popular producer in the Tollywood Film Industry and his first debut Movie as a film producer is called Homam in the year 2008. Some of his famous films in which he acted are Siddham, Bajawada and Reddy Garu Poyaru.

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