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Reasons To Invest In A German Shepherd


Dogs are a man’s best friend. However, this relationship doesn’t care about easily. It takes lots of time and dedication from both parties to build something healthy hence the inseparability. There are over a hundred types of dog species all over the world. Some you have never seen. However, from the few that you have seen, one of them must be a German shepherd. If you think that you have seen many of them, it is because there are lots of them out there. The sole reason why German shepherds all over are because they come with benefits to the owners. According to statistics, they’re the second most common dog breed in the united states of America. You may be wondering what’s so special about them, read on.

Reasons To Invest In A German Shepherd

German Shepherd

They Are Loyal

One feature to look at when choosing a dog is its level of loyalty. Whether it is professional or to keep in your home, the animal should be ready to stand by you despite the situation. Well, when it comes to German shepherd, the level of loyalty is over the top. Once they realize that you have good intentions for them, they will always stick by you. They love their owners to the core and prefer spending time with them than being solo. You will notice the dog chilling by the over even watching the tv together.

An Assurance Of Protection

German shepherds are quite intimidating from the looks. The dogs can grow up to 26 feet tall with a weight of 100pounds. With such a feature, it can manage to attack any enemy. They can scare anyone off by the appearance. In any danger, it can run at high speed and jump high when the need arises. With this breed of dogs, no one can dare mess with you. You will have a friend to spend cool times with and also to protect you from any danger. They can serve as both family and police dogs. Through regular training, German shepherds have proven to fill in the military suitably. The overall German Shepherd price in India would be around 5,000 to 20,000, and it also depends on your location. Even though they are a bit on the higher side, they are worth investing in. They have an open mind and can master instructions within a short period. Through such a process, you can train them to offer the kind of protection needed for the specific setups.

Perfect Family Dogs

Although they appear challenging, German shepherds can also be very calm and composed. Once they find a special place to call home, their hearts will always be at peace. As a family dog, a German shepherd is always caring with minimal tempers. If they become aggressive, it is only against any invader that may approach your family members. At home, they will lounge, take naps, eat and even play with kids in the garden. If you have small children, you can always have peace of mind knowing someone is looking out for them.


Have you ever seen an intelligent animal? German shepherds are the first, and their level of smartness is exceptional. Of all the dogs in the world, German shepherds are the third most intelligent breeds. It is because of such reasons that they serve in the police and military services. Once the dogs know they have a role to play, they will always act accordingly. They take their pieces of training seriously and will still play by the book in different circumstances. Training them is an enjoyable process as they master each order quickly. They are smart and, at times, can behave like humans. They have common sense and would not make any stupid mistakes since they understand the repercussions.

Eligible Candidates For Movies

If you have been paying attention, you can attest that the highest number of dogs in movies are German shepherds. Their statute and character traits make them the best choice for tv roles. Although other dogs can also serve this purpose, they won’t bring out the results as German shepherds do it. Over ten popular movies are starring this dog breed, and they have delivered beyond the imagination.

Always A Good Time

German shepherds can gain a large amount of weight when they lazy around and watch tv all day. Therefore, you cannot afford to relax. Every day spent with a German shepherd is a day full of activities that can benefit both of you. They have to undergo a 30-minute workout each day. You will partake in lots of running, jumping, walking, or just moving around. If you have a garden, you can let the kids play with it with toys like balls. You can also put it to the challenge by competing on small but friendly tasks. The dog becomes more agile through such activities, offering you more than the expected services, hence a win-win situation.

As seen above, the German shepherd is the kind of dog breed you should endeavor to have. If you get one, you will have a new member that all the other family will love to bits.