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Rapper Robbed At Gas Station: Ice-T’s Tweet About Being Robbed At A Jersey Gas Station Sparkles All The Love



Rapper Robbed At Gas Station

On Thursday night, Ice-T was apparently a Rapper Robbed At Gas Station — and his reaction got Twitter users laughing.

On Twitter, rapper and “SVU” star shared in great detail what transpired after he called the police — an experience many could relate to:

Last night, I was robbed at a gas station in NJ. Once my hands stopped shaking, I called the cops who quickly responded and calmed me down. Unfortunately, all of my money is gone; when asked if I knew who did it, I said yes – pump number 9!”

Rapper robbed at gas station

Twitter users were delighted by the rapper’s tweet, which seemed to refer to being robbed by high gas prices rather than an actual assailant

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