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What Happened To Rapper Gnuk and Bosstop? [Know Everything]


Gunk and Boss Top, a well-known rapper, have sought attention from the world because of the viral news about their death.

According to sources, they were in Chicago at time of recent shooting attack in Chicago. It was so brutal that more than 50 people were injured.

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What Happened To Rapper Gnuk and Bosstop?

According to sources, at least 54 people were killed in the attack. Seven victims died in the attack, out of all those who were hurt.

According to reports, Gnuk and Boss Top were both present at the scene of the shooting. While this was happening, he received a bullet wound.

People are now sharing the news about the death of Gnuk Top and Boss Top.

They are also sharing the post that claims the news of Gnuk Top’s death as a tribute to Gnuk Top and Boss Top. The internet has exploded with this news.

Many people have started to share condolence messages on social media for the Boss Top family via messages and comments. We will be discussing the news about the death of Gnuk Top and Boss Top briefly in this article.

Are Gnuk and Bosstop Dead?

In a short time, the news about the deaths of Gnuk Top and Boss Top became one of the most searched news stories. Many people want to know if the rapper has died or is still alive.

According to sources, he is still alive. He is still alive, despite having suffered a bullet injury. He is currently being treated in Chicago. His hospitalization is likely to make him well. Some people spread the hoax news about his death all over the internet.

What happened to Gnuk?

He was in Chicago. Then, a shooting occurred. At least 54 people were injured in the shooting attack.

A bullet also wound him and he was injured by the nightmarish phenomenon. He is currently in Chicago’s hospital.

He is expected to recover soon. He was able to survive the Chicago shooting attack.

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