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Q Drops : Although it’s Been six Months Since “Q,” The Mysterious Person Behind


Although it’s been six months since “Q,” the mysterious person behind the QAnon conspiracy theory, last posted online, some followers still believe their so-called leader will return.

Since the self-described “government insider” first began posting on 4chan in 2017, QAnon followers have been waiting for indications from Q, dubbed “Q drops.”

Q Drops

Q sent out nearly 5,000 mysterious messages between 2017 and 2020.

Q’s most recent post, a link to a pro-Trump YouTube video, was made on December 8, nearly a month before the Capitol incident (since deleted).

Previously, the greatest period of silence for Q was around three months in 2019 when 4chan’s successor, 8chan, went offline, prompting experts to speculate that

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