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Proud Mary Movie Cast, Crew and Story


Proud Mary Movie Cast, Crew and Story: Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some exciting facts on The Film Proud Mary Cast, Crew and Story.

Proud Mary Movie Cast, Crew and Story

Proud Mary Movie

Story of the film

The role of Mary is a successful hitwoman, who is working for an organized crime family in the Boston. However, her life is complete shifted when she meets a young boy and whose path she crosses when a professional hit will go wrong, and she leaves the boy orphaned.

Star Cast of the Film

Proud Mary Movie

Taraji P. Henson

Taraji P. Henson is an actress, singer, and an author. She started her Hollywood career in the guest-roles on the several television shows like in Baby Boy. Henson acted in the movies such as Hustle & Flow, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Date Night, The Karate Kid and Hidden Figures.

Billy Brown

Billy Brown is an actor. He started acting in the series called How to Get Away with Murder. Billy is also well known for his characters in the television series such as Lights Out, Dexter, Sons of Anarchy and Hostages.

Danny Glover

Daniel Glover is an actor, director, and a political activist. He is best known for the film series like The Color Purple, To Sleep with Anger, Predator 2, and Angels in the Outfield. Danny also acted as supporting roles in the films like Silverado, Witness, Saw, Shooter, 2012, Death at a Funeral, Beyond the Lights, and Dirty Grandpa.
Neal McDonough

Neal McDonough is an actor and a voice actor. He is well known for his roles of Lieutenant Lynn Compton in the HBO series like miniseries Band of Brothers, Deputy District Attorney David McNorris on Boomtown, Sean Cahill on Suits, Robert Quarles on Justified, and Dave Williams on ABC’s Desperate Housewives. Neal also acted in the movies like Minority Report, Walking Tall, Red 2, The Marine 3: Homefront, Traitor, and TV series.

Xander Berkeley

Xander Berkeley is an actor. He is best known for his television characters of George Mason on the series called 24, Percy Rose on the set Nikita and Sheriff Thomas, McAllister on the series The Mentalist.

Margaret Avery

Margaret Avery is an actress and a singer. She started her career acted on the stage and later had acting roles in the movies like Cool Breeze, Which Way Is Up Scott Joplin and The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh.

Star Cast of the Film

Proud Mary Movie

Babak Najafi (The Director of the film)

Babak Najafi is a director, screenwriter and a cinematographer. He is well known for directing the movie is called London Has Fallen. Babak made his first directorial debut film known as Sebbe. He also made his English language first debut with the feature film like London Has Fallen, the sequel to the Olympus Has Fallen.

Paul Schiff (The Producer of the film)

Paul Schiff is a Producer. He produced movies like My Cousin Vinny, starring Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei, The Vanishing, the American adaptation of George Sluizer’s Dutch thriller, the Animal House-inspired campus comedy PCU and the sci-fi thriller film is called Ghost in the Machine.

John S. Newman (The Screenplay of the film)

John S. Newman is a television soap opera writer. He wrote Days of Our Lives, and he won a Primetime Emmy.

Trailer Of The Movie

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