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How to Buy Right Bed Sheets Percale VS Sateen, Complete All Guide?


Percale VS Sateen: We spend a third of our life in bed, according to an old proverb, thus we should invest in a good mattress. If you’ve ever stayed in a cheap motel or slept on a hide-a-bed, you know what I’m talking about. A lousy night’s sleep can completely derail your day.

Don’t stop at the mattress, though. Another ancient adage is that inexpensive ingredients can ruin a good recipe, and the same can be said for your bed. Why spend money on a great mattress only to have it covered in dreadful bedding?

Purchasing new bed linens can be a difficult task with so many alternatives available. Several innovative bedding firms, such as Parachute and Brooklinen, have responded to the glut of cheap, crunchy, mass-produced bedclothes by creating supple, sensuous sheets from high-quality textiles, many of which are handcrafted using environmentally friendly methods. Are they, however, worthwhile? If you’re in the market for new sheets, here are some things to check for.

How To Buy Right Bed Sheets ‘Percale VS Sateen’

Is a Higher Thread Count Really Better?

Despite the abundance of eye-catching thread counts available at very cheap rates online and in large box stores, experts agree that a greater thread count does not always imply a softer or higher-quality sheet.

The number of woven threads that make up one square inch of sheet fabric, mixing horizontal (or “weft”) and vertical (or “warp”) threads, is referred to as thread count. This number can range from 150 (common in low-cost children’s bedding) to 1,000 or more in fabrics like satin and silk. But don’t be deceived when it comes to cotton.

A loom can only hold so many threads in reality. Most experts recommend 400 to 600 threads per inch, although extra threads are frequently twisted into the weft as a marketing tactic, increasing the thread count without actually improving the fabric’s softness or strength. Most cotton sheets grow increasingly brittle and prone to rips, pills, and snags as the thread count increases.

Rather, concentrate on the fabric. Look for Egyptian or Pima (or American-made Supima) cotton sheets with a combed or extra-long staple. These extra-long cotton fibres are 50% longer than ordinary cotton fibres, resulting in a softer, stronger, and longer-lasting sheet than standard cotton sheets.

Percale vs. Linen vs. Sateen

While thread count might be deceiving, there’s no denying that the greatest cotton sheets are either Percale or Sateen when it comes to softness and quality. Both use high-quality long-staple cotton and are more expensive than normal short-weave cotton sheets; the distinction between Percale and Sateen is primarily in the type of weave.

Percale is a conventional one-yarn-over and one-yarn-under weave that has a matte finish and a crisp, chilly feel that becomes better with each wash. It won’t pill with time because of its exceptional durability. Because it’s lightweight and breathable, it’s ideal for hot sleepers.

Sateen is the closest thing to satin you can get without the exorbitant price tag and delicate qualities of that pricey fabric. Sateen has a smooth feel and a glossy sheen thanks to its one-yarn-under and three-yarn-over weave, which exposes more thread surface. Sateen is naturally wrinkle-resistant and, as a result, is often heavier in weight than Percale, making it suitable for all-year comfort.

Strong and breathable Linen — created from the flax stem — is the way to go if you value softness and durability but want a less formal look for your bed. It’s more informal and laid back than either Percale or Sateen. It’s suitable for all seasons for sleepers of all types.

While traditional merchants such as Kohl’s and Target provide a range of sheets, a new generation of bedding entrepreneurs has worked to fight inexpensive sheets with inflated thread counts by selling high-quality, often handcrafted, and sustainably manufactured bedclothes. Yes, you’ll pay more, but keep in mind that you spend a third of your life in bed.


Sateen is the closest you can come to satin without paying the hefty price or risking its fragility. Satin has a one-yarn-under and three-yarn-over weave, which exposes more thread surface and gives it a silky feel and exquisite gloss. Sateen is naturally wrinkle-resistant and, as a result, is often heavier in weight than percale, making it suitable for all-year comfort.

Luxe Core Sheet Set by Brooklinen

This Brooklinen sheet set has a thread count of 480, which is right in the sweet spot. And you can sure it has the same opulent, luminous gloss and silky smooth, soft-to-the-touch feel as sateen sheets. You may not only sleep soundly but also with a clear conscience thanks to the 100% long-staple cotton that is Oeko-Tex certified free of dangerous chemicals.

If making the bed has ever been a difficulty for you, Brooklinen has labelled each of the short and long sides so you don’t make a mistake. Fans of these Brooklinen sheets praise its capacity to keep people cool while still storing heat to keep them warm. They have a near-perfect five-star rating. It’s a terrific alternative for couples that want different temperatures when sleeping because of the balance.

While Brooklinen’s active social media presence may lead some customers to believe it’s just for show, reviewer Chelsey H. disagrees: “It’s not just brilliant marketing,” she writes, “these sheets are that fantastic!”

Cotton Sheet Set with Feather & Stitch

These sheets have a particular hotel class feel thanks to the fine strands of long-staple cotton fibre and the sateen weave. Every night, you can drift off to a deeper sleep, as if you were staying in a five-star hotel. These sheets are not only Oeko-Tex certified, but they also have the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification, which means that everything from the dyes and textiles to the hardware like buttons and zippers has been tested and proved to be free of unsafe amounts of hundreds of chemicals.

This set of sheets has a five-star rating in over four out of five Amazon reviews, and it’s a top-selling kids’ bedding item. The sheets are amazingly inexpensive considering the quality. Only a few top-rated sheet sets are under $100, and this one is almost half that price.


Percale sheets, which have a typical one-yarn-over and one-yarn-under weave, are more modern and appealing in appearance. Percale has a matte texture and a crisp, chilly feel that improves with each wash, unlike sateen, which has a gloss. It won’t pill over time because to its increased durability, and it’s lightweight and breathable, making it ideal for warmer sleepers.

Percale Sheet Set in Parachute

These classic sheets are “lightweight and durable with a crisp finish” and are made from 100 percent quality, long-staple Egyptian cotton. These breathable sheets will keep you cool throughout the night and are ideal for anyone who tends to sweat while sleeping. Not only are the materials of excellent quality (the sheets are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified), but so is the workmanship.

Parachute items are created in a family-owned plant in Portugal, where traditional processes are honoured and new technology is used. As reviewers can confirm, the result is a crisp finish that only gets better with time.

“This must be my third or fourth set of parachute sheets in the last five or six years,” Sandra S. writes. “Not because the quality is bad, but because I adore them so much that I refuse to use anything else.” “I have this set in several colours and have been quite pleased with the feel and wear throughout the years.

Because white is my favourite, they get the most use and have been repurchased. In the summer, these sheets are crisp and chilly, while in the winter, they are soft and warm. I’ve never been dissatisfied with anything I’ve bought from Parachute (towels, bath mats, duvets, etc.) and don’t plan on switching anytime soon.”

Simple Stripe Percale Sheet Set

These sheets are structured but lightweight and breathable thanks to the use of double-ply fine yarn long-staple cotton. They have a 360 thread count and are designed to look like hotel sheets. They have the traditional percale one-over, one-under weave design. The cotton is not only of exceptional quality, but it is also responsibly sourced.

The sheets are GOTS certified, which means that its supply chain passes stringent ecological and social criteria, and the cotton is fair trade. Unlike many other manufacturers, this high-quality sheet set also has a sense of flair. The damask stripe contributes to the opulent look and feel of the fabric, and the colours can help you personalise your environment.


Linen is the cloth of choice for more boho looks. The sheets will be soft and long-lasting, but not wrinkle-free, giving them a more natural feel. While linen is often associated with the spring and summer, linen sheets are suitable for all seasons and sleepers.

Sheets of Sea Me

Sea Me sheets were created to represent life at sea. “With sparkling eyes, sunburnt hair, bold, impetuous, but at the same time very soft, with a smooth gait, they do not hurry, do not rush, do not sprint,” according to the website. This equilibrium was discovered by the founders in their 100% pure European OEKO-TEK certified linen.

The distressed texture encourages blood flow and promotes relaxation, and it keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, so you can use the same sheets all year. While the initial rough sensation of linen sheets is a common criticism, you won’t have to worry about that with this set. They arrive with a lived-in feel, according to reviews.

Airy Linen Casper

Casper came out with fan-favorite sheets after building a reputation for themselves in the mattress world. Sleepers may prevent any pain that might come with the first night’s sleep on linen sheets because these come pre-washed, ensuring that your first night is just as soft as any other. The list of high-quality features doesn’t end there: Snaps for closure, visual clues, and gripping elastic.