Home Technology Optimize Your Viewing Experience in 2021 with These Streaming Tips

Optimize Your Viewing Experience in 2021 with These Streaming Tips


Optimize Your Viewing Experience in 2021 with These Streaming Tips: There’s no shortage of options when it comes to watching shows, TV shows, live sports events, and other types of content online these days. There are so many platforms and so much content to choose from that you probably don’t even know how to make the most of your viewing experience. Whether you’re looking to try new platforms or just want to learn more about the features your favorite platforms offer, this is the ultimate guide for you.

Optimize Your Viewing Experience in 2021 with These Streaming Tips

The Best Features of the Most Popular Streaming Platforms

Every streaming platform has a unique set of features that make it appealing to different viewers. So whether you’re a Netflix fanatic, a Disney Plus lover, an ESPN sports fan, or are just looking at your options, read on to learn more about the unique features that each platform has to offer. 


Netflix allows you to create multiple accounts, watch numerous shows simultaneously, skip introductions, download shows, and delete your browsing history. You can also turn off autoplay and search for lesser-known titles using secret codes. In addition, Netflix offers Ultra HD 4K, HDR, Dolby Vision, and virtual reality viewing experiences.

Amazon Prime Video

Not all content is free for members on Amazon Prime Video, but the platform offers a Free to Me option that allows you to filter out the paid content. Other unique features include putting episodes on shuffle, the ability to host watch parties with friends and family, subtitle appearance customization, set parental controls, and share your Prime Video access with Amazon Household. One of the most excellent features is Amazon Channels, which lets you link your subscriptions to other streaming services to your Amazon account so that you can change channels easily.  

Disney Plus

Disney Plus has a massive catalog of popular movies and TV shows from Pixar, Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. It’s also an ad-free platform, which is very difficult to come by these days. Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Disney Plus has been releasing new theatrical performances for viewers who miss their live theatre experiences. They also offer 4K HDR viewing for some of the content on the platform.


HBO Max is a relatively new streaming service. Its library includes everything that you see on the regular HBO channel, along with Warner Bros. content and new Max Originals, which are rolled out each month. 


ESPN+ is ESPN’s online streaming service, and it’s the ideal platform for any sports lover. A subscription to ESPN+ gives viewers access to ESPN Insider content, select live games, matches, and has a multi-year deal with the FA Cup, offering loads of exclusive soccer content. The platform also owns exclusive rights to UFC pay-per-views so that you can stream some of the biggest UFC matches there too. In addition, to live sports, the platform includes a catalog of original and classic ESPN content. 

Many of the platforms above offer different content in different regions. If you want access to movies, TV shows, or exclusive content that isn’t available in your country, try downloading a VPN. When you use a VPN(Virtual Private Network), you can connect to servers in other countries and gain access to all the available content in the country you connect to. 

Use the guide above to find the best streaming platform for you or discover new features on your favorite streaming platforms.