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On My Block by Julio Macias


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Julio Macias moved to America as a young boy with his family. He was inspired to learn American culture.

As an actor, Julio Macias has made a name for himself with his work in films like On My Block and Blazed to the Future II. As a producer and director, he also assists behind the scenes.

On My Block

On My Block is about four teens who share a strong bond in a community where gunfire can be heard every day. They are Monse (Sierra Capri), Jamal (Brett Gray), Cesar (Diego Tinoco) and Ruby (Jason Genao).

Despite their rough South Central stomping grounds, the quartet is able to find tenderness in each other. The quartet also relies on one another for support in dealing with the high school challenges.

With a slew of high-octane shenanigans, the series mixes melodrama, uplift and some dark comedy in a way that feels like a cross between Cooley High and The Goonies. It’s often a little disorienting, but the show eventually settles into its own identity.

The group is in their final year at high school. Season 4 takes place on May 4, 2014. Ruby and Jasmine have reached their highest level of relationship, Jamal is the star football player, Monse attends boarding school, and Oscar (Julio Macias), is focused on Cesar’s escape from gang life. The group’s anxiety is heightened after the authorities discovered the body of Cuchillos (crime boss) who was at the heart of their troubles.

Blazed to the Future II

The French duo The Blaze has been around for a few years, but they have already gained international fame through their danceably emotional house music. Their music videos are equally hypnotic, featuring everyday people living their lives to the beat of their intoxicating tracks.

Julio Macias, a Mexican-American actor was first recognized for his performances in On My Block. He is also a cast member on Selena: The Series and will be making his feature film debut in the upcoming horror movie Obsidian.

Julio Macias was born in Mexico City on March 20, 1990. He grew up with his mother, Aida Lourdes Macias, who owns a dubbing company.

After pursuing his interest in acting at the Circle in the Square Theatre School, he started appearing in short films and TV shows like SWAT and Jane The Virgin. BlankFilms is his movie production company. He has also collaborated with Universal and Sony on media content. He has a verified Instagram account, with more than 1 million followers, and regularly uploads photos of himself on set.


Macias grew up in a very different environment than most of his neighbors. Macias’ father worked in dubbing and his family lived near Los Angeles.

His father’s work in the industry made him aware of all of the different jobs that are involved with making movies and shows. This knowledge gave him confidence in his decision to pursue an entertainment career.

He first started acting in 2012, and since then, he has appeared in a number of television and film projects. His most recent role was on Netflix’s “On My Block” as Oscar Diaz, a tattooed gang member who’s the brother of one of the show’s protagonists.

Through extensive research, he was able bring to life this character. He did extensive research about the culture of the character before he decided to shave his head and adopt the East Los Angeles accent. He was able to portray a Latino leader of gangs authentically.

A Mexican Trilogy

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Fernandez’s story of immigrant women and their aspirations is set against American and Mexican history. It can be described as a mix of sentimental comedy and dark psychological drama. In her award-winning trilogy — Faith, Hope and Charity — she paints a canvas of universal family struggle.

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