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Off-Field Drama Inside arrests, NFL stars from Malik McDowell


Chad wheeler wife Off-Field Drama Inside arrests: The arrest of NFL star Malik McDowell on Monday was the latest in a run of arrests that have afflicted players such as Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson.

Following security footage showing him strolling naked onto school grounds, the Cleveland Browns athlete was reportedly detained for public exposure and assaulting a police officer.

Off-Field Drama Inside arrests, NFL stars

The incident was apparently “violent,” and the deputy was left “dazed,” according to a police report.

However, this isn’t McDowell’s first encounter with the law.

The actor was arrested for a DUI in September 2017 and then charged with disorderly conduct a few months later, in December.

He was charged with driving while inebriated, resisting arrest, and assault in February of this year.

Following this, the league punished him with a two-game suspension.

Other NFL stars who have been charged include Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Henry Ruggs, Jay Barker, Chad Wheeler, Aaron Hernandez, and OJ Simpson.

OJ Simpson is a famous American football player.

In 1994, OJ Simpson was tried for the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole, and her friend Ron Goldman, the most dramatic murder case related with the NFL.

The court procedures against the Hall of Fame running back were dubbed “the trial of the century” because they were keenly followed by millions of people across the world for months.

In a civil case initiated by the victims’ families in 1997, Simpson was judged guilty of both killings after being declared not guilty in his criminal trial.

He was charged with kidnapping and other felonies in 2007 after breaking into a Las Vegas hotel room and stealing sports memorabilia with a revolver.

He was sentenced to 33 years in jail for the offences a year later, however due to good behaviour, he was released after only nine years, in 2017.

After completing his parole period last year, he became a legally free man.

Aaron Hernandez is an American football player

The storey of Aaron Hernandez, a New England Patriots tight end who was convicted of murder, is one of the most well-known off-the-field events from the league in recent years.

Hernandez was sentenced to life in prison while still playing for the Patriots in 2013 for shooting his old friend Odin Lloyd.

Hernandez’s motivation for shooting Lloyd six times in a Boston industrial park remains a mystery.

His 2015 trial, as well as a subsequent true-crime docuseries about his case, failed to provide definite answers as to his purpose, with the Netflix documentary being chastised for containing information about Hernandez’s sexuality that some considered as unrelated to his murders.

For the murder, he was given a life sentence with no possibility of release.

Hernandez committed suicide in his jail cell in 2017, just five days after being acquitted of a 2012 double murder that had nothing to do with Lloyd’s murder.

Ray Rice is an American football player

The NFL implemented a new domestic violence policy in response to Ray Rice’s off-field issues, which is still in effect today.

On February 15, 2014, the Baltimore Ravens running back got into a confrontation with his then-fiancee – and now-wife – Janay Palmer at the Revel in Atlantic City, New Jersey, after a night of heavy drinking.

After getting up from the table where they’d been seated, Rice followed Palmer into the elevator. As they walked inside, the two proceeded to yell obscenities at each other.

Rice spit on Palmer’s face, then struck her as the elevator doors closed, according to disturbing video footage.

Palmer was knocked out almost instantly after colliding with a handrail.

Rice seemed unaffected by his partner’s unconsciousness on the floor.

When the doors re-opened and security interfered, he dragged her out of the elevator.

Rice was charged with assault and arrested. The NFL only suspended him for two games at first.

Rice was charged with third-degree aggravated assault by a grand jury on March 27, 2014, and faces a three- to five-year prison sentence as well as a fine of up to $15,000. Rice consented to go through court-ordered treatment and the charges were eventually withdrawn.

Rice was released by the Ravens after the Associated Press released a longer footage of the event in September of that year.

He was then suspended indefinitely from the NFL, according to an NFL spokesperson.

Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, eventually imposed longer suspensions and tougher penalties for future domestic violence cases, admitting that he “didn’t get it right” with Rice at first.

Rice then filed a formal grievance against the NFL, alleging wrongful termination and seeking $3.5 million in damages.

Rice is reported to have gotten the majority of his claim from the Ravens, who settled for an undisclosed amount.

Peterson, Adrian

After being charged with felony child abuse for spanking his then-four-year-old kid with a tree branch in 2014, former Washington running back Adrian Peterson was suspended from the NFL for a year.

Cuts and bruises covered the young boy’s body, including his buttocks and scrotum.

Peterson agreed to a lesser charge of misdemeanour reckless assault and pled no guilty.

He received a $4,000 fine as well as 80 hours of community service.

According to ABC News, he acknowledged to still disciplining his son with a belt in 2018.

“The other day, I had to spank my son with a belt to punish him,” he allegedly said.

“I discipline my children in a variety of ways.” That had no effect on me.”

“I know how being spanked has helped me in my life,” he allegedly told police previously.

“Never do I go overboard!” he allegedly texted the boy’s mother. But my kids will know that while daddy has a huge heart, he isn’t a fool when it comes to acting appropriately.”

Following the death of his two-year-old son in 2014, Peterson was charged.

Joseph Patterson, the lover of Tyrese Ruffin’s mother, choked him to death.

Peterson had apparently never met the youngster, who resided with his mother.

In 2015, Patterson was found guilty of murder.

Ruggles, Henry

When he ploughed his Chevrolet Corvette into the back of an SUV in Las Vegas on November 2, the 22-year-old rising star with the Las Vegas Raiders was allegedly speeding more than twice the legal limit, killing Tina Tintor, 23, who was 23 at the time.

Ruggs was said to have hit speeds of up to 156 mph before colliding with the vehicle.

After her automobile exploded into flames, Tintor, 23, was pronounced dead on the scene.

Ruggs and his girlfriend, Rudy Washington, were both brought to the hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening.

The Raiders were counting on him to be a key contributor.

However, if he is found guilty, the wide receiver could face up to 20 years in prison, meaning he may never play again.

Jay Barker is a writer who works in the entertainment industry

Jay Barker, who is married to country music star Sara Evans and is a former Alabama quarterback, was jailed on a felony domestic abuse charge only last Saturday.

According to the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office website, Barker, 49, was arrested in a Nashville county jail early Saturday morning.

Due to the fact that it was a domestic violence case, he was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and given a $10,000 bond with a 12-hour hold.

After posting bond, he was freed late Saturday.

Barker and the victim are married but divorced, according to the arrest document. They are currently living apart.

According to the report, two persons in the vehicle were leaving a party at 1.30 a.m. Saturday when Barker allegedly reversed his vehicle at a high rate of speed in an attempt to hit them, but missed.

According to an affidavit seen by WIAT, Evans allegedly got into the passenger seat of a friend’s car and was being driven back to her residence just across the street.

According to the charging paperwork, as they reversed out of the driveway, Evans noticed Barker “backing up his car at a high rate of speed intending to hit them but missing.”

Evans called the police when Barker allegedly drove away.

Officials say he later came back to the area and spoke with officers.

He was reportedly arrested after speaking with multiple witnesses.

In court in March, he is due to appear.

Wheeler, Chad

In January of this year, offensive tackle Chad Wheeler of the New York Giants was also implicated in a domestic abuse case.

Wheeler’s off-field issues began while he was a student at the University of Southern California.

After getting into an incident with a group of cops in December 2015, he was shot many times by police with beanbag rounds.

Wheeler had been pounding walls and windows and bruising his hands inside an apartment near the USC campus, where he was suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Wheeler, who was a junior at the time, fled the residence after being confronted by cops. When he confronted the officers, he was shot by non-lethal shots.

He was taken to a local hospital for psychiatric evaluation, rather than being jailed.

Wheeler later apologised for the incident, but his problems did not end there.

Wheeler was arrested on domestic violence charges on January 21, 2021, in Kent, Washington. He was arrested and charged with three charges of criminal domestic abuse before being released on $400,000 bond.

He was accused of putting a woman on a bed, beating and strangling her until she passed out, then picking a lock on a bathroom door where she had fled to phone 911 after regaining consciousness.

According to a police report, the confrontation started when Wheeler requested that the woman bow to him.

Police struggled to apprehend the 6-foot-7, 315-pound star, according to a chaotic bodycam video.

The event was caused by a “manic episode,” according to Wheeler. He said that he was not taking his bipolar disorder medication.

In February, the offensive tackle pled not guilty to the allegations, but said that he would be temporarily retiring from the NFL to “get his life together” following the event.

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