Home News Nisha Sarang on the passing of Juhi Rustagi’s mother: still in shock

Nisha Sarang on the passing of Juhi Rustagi’s mother: still in shock

Juhi Rustagi's mother
Juhi Rustagi's mother

Young actress Juhi Rustagi made headlines recently as Lechu in the popular sit com Uppum Mulakum. Unfortunately, her mother Bhagyalakshmi died unexpectedly while riding on her scooter with her son when they were hit from behind by a lorry and she died instantly. Juhi had lost both parents before entering school; following Raghuveer Saran Rustagi’s untimely demise it had been Bhagyalakshmi who cared for Juhi and Chirag.

Juhi Rustagi's mother
Juhi Rustagi’s mother

Nisha Sarang, who played Juhi’s mother in the sitcom, remembers Bhagyalakshmi as a loving mother who never complained. Nisha shared memories with Vanitha Online regarding Bhagyalakshmi; she spoke openly about everything and had high hopes for her children; “Juhi would often call her ‘gudiya’ while accompanying Juhi to sets.

We spoke often and she shared her dreams for their future; especially that of seeing his studying engineering graduates succeeding well and finding employment,” recalls Nisha. Nisha calls me Nishamme; however I still cannot comprehend her sudden passing away,” recalls Nisha.

Nisha recalls meeting Bhagyalakshmi four days before she died in the accident, when accompanying Juhi, curious about “juhi rustagi age,” to filming of a TV program featuring them both as actors. Nisha recalls feeling excited to meet Bhagyalakshmi after such a long time; they spoke freely and enjoyed a meal together.

“I haven’t been able to sleep the last two nights; images of her funeral keep coming into my head when I close my eyes,” reports Nisha.

Bhagyalakshmi was always there when Nisha met Bhagyalakshmi on the sets of Uppum Mulakum to safely keep her bag. “When we met last time, she even took it from me when we reunited – when she returned it later that evening she told Ganga (mother of child actor who plays Parukutty), it had always been she who kept my bag safe – my heart broke when she called me Nishamme – my body still shakes when talking about her; now I won’t ever hear her voice again”, Nisha expresses her grief over not hearing her voice anymore.

Devastated Daughter Nisha recounts: “My heart broke when Juhi looked at me when I went to visit Bhagyalakshmi for the last time; she used to tell me she loved me more than her, which left an impactful memory behind in me even after returning home; my children tried their best to soothe my nerves, yet this death has devastated all of us,” Nisha notes.

Accident occurred outside HPCL at 11.45 am on 11 September on Airport-Seaport road near Airport Terminal 3. A tanker lorry driving behind hit Bhagyalakshmi’s scooter from behind, crushing her body upon impact and leading to her immediate demise on-site.

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