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Nier: Automata fans are shocked over a hidden church


There has been a great deal of commotion within the Nier fandom over the past few days. Following a series of video posts by one player, other Nier: Automata players are currently searching for a hidden church area.

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Even Yoko Taro has made an effort

The discovery came to light this week, but it began quite some time ago. Two months ago, user u/sadfutago asked in the Nier subreddit how to “open the church” in Nier: Automata. And in subsequent posts, sadfutago inquired further, providing additional details and images. And then, the video of it was what really blew up.

This may seem obvious, but this church is not located in a well-known area. No player of Nier: Automata understood what sadfutago meant. This door appeared out of nowhere for this player during the A2 portion of the game and led to a very shocking location.

The search for the Nier church

Modders have not discovered any evidence that this exists, as xxk explains. As of this writing, there has been no successful attempt to replicate it, and similar assets do not exist.

Church pews and the first door in the Copied City, for instance, are unique. And the location’s existing geometry does not suggest it could support a door.

According to Nier modders, if this is a mod, it would be the first time such a thing has been accomplished. According to them, it would be a “relatively IMMENSE undertaking for a single person” to complete.

In essence, a group of players and fans are frantically searching for a scene that may or may not exist. In addition, new footage depicting a cutscene (albeit with recycled voice-over) and some easy speculation fodder was released today.

Amazingly every secret

Therefore, this has consumed the Nier fanbase. The Nier modding Discord has seen a surge of new users seeking the most recent updates.

Modders are attempting multiple methods of recreation and experimentation while also attempting to obtain additional information from the elusive original poster.

And rumors abound as to what the church could mean, what these assets could be, and how all of this is occurring in the first place.

Even the Nier development team began commenting on it today. Producer Yosuke Saito tweeted, “Eternal enigma…” And director Yoko Taro tweeted a video of the segment, referencing his Twitter account.