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The Try Guys’ Ned Fulmer Found Cheating On His Wife


Ned Fulmer Cheating on His Wife: Ned Fulmer was an actor in the group of The Try Guys. His photo of him kissing another woman has gone viral and people are now asking him if it is true. Ned had cheated on his wife with The Try Guys producer, Alex Herring.

Alexandria Herring and Ned Fulmer with wife Ariel

After his kissing photo went viral the Try Guys account removed Fulmer’s profile and unfollowed him on every social media platform. He was seen kissing Alexandria Herring, his coworker in New York City Bar.

Everyone is shocked because he is also married and has 2 children. We’ll get more details about this story. Follow chopnews to get more updates

The Try Guys’ Ned Fulmer

Ned Fulmer

Ned Fulmer is part of The Try Guys entertainment company that produces content for YouTube channel. This group was started by Keith Habersberger in 2022.

You will find the reason in the next section. He is also married to Ariel Fulmer, an interior designer. They have two children named Wesley James and Finley Finn.

It was announced on 27 September 2022 that he would not be working for this channel. The reason is explained in the next section.

Ned Fulmer viral kissing photo

It all started with a Reddit photo in which he was pictured kissing his colleague.

Ned Fulmer viral kissing photo

Why did Ned Fulmer leave The Try Guys?


This will be the official thread for Ned’s removal from the Try Guys from TheTryGuys

Later, she began to comment on her YouTube channel channel about him. The group unfollowed him and changed the poster. He is no longer a member of the YouTube channel.

In a statement, he said that his family was always his priority and that he lost focus. He now wants to concentrate on his children and marriage.

Is Ned Cheating on His Wife Ariel

The photo that went viral shows him cheating on her, but now he is guilty.

His wife Ariel stated that while she was grateful for those who reached out to them, she now needs some privacy as she wants to be able to concentrate on her family.

Ned said that he was sorry for his actions. They want a private space for their couple and are trying to find a solution as this is a very bad time. Keep checking in with us

Ned Fulmer and wife Ariel children

Ned Fulmer and wife Ariel children

They have two children named Wesley James and Finley Finn.

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