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Natu Drawing Tutorial: Learn to Sketch and Color this Cute Pokemon

natu drawing

Natu is a small green bird-like Pokemon with a spherical body and black eyes, known for its psychic abilities and habit of staring into the sun all day long. You can find Natu in various Pokemon games, anime and manga titles; we will show you how to draw him in several easy steps below – pencil, eraser, paper and any coloring tools of your choosing will do just fine – let’s get drawing.

natu drawing
natu drawing

Step 1: Draw a circle for the body

At first, draw a circle for Natu’s body. Use either a compass or round object to trace it out or draw freehand; either way, make sure the circle measures around palm size – any imperfections can always be erased and adjusted later.

Step 2: Draw the head and the beak

Once again, let us draw Natu’s head and beak. Her head should be smaller than her body and attached at the top of a circle; use two curved lines from there to form her shape, before drawing another from right side down to bottom circle for her beak pointing slightly upwards. Finally, draw her eyes using small triangles at right end for eyes and small triangles at left end for eyes.

Step 3: Draw the eyes and the wings

Now we will draw Natu’s eyes and wings. Her eyes should consist of two small circles placed near the center of her head; draw one circle on either side of her beak to indicate which eyes belong where. Leave some space between these eyes and her beak before drawing two curved lines for her wings on either side of her body that should curve down slightly longer than she herself does.

Step 4: Draw the feet and the tail

Step three is to draw Natu’s feet and tail. His feet should consist of two small ovals attached to the bottom of his body – one on each side should slightly tilted so they touch the edge of the circle – followed by a small triangle tail at his rear end which should point downwards and align itself with its respective center point on the circle.

Step 5: Erase the extra lines and add the details

Last step in drawing Natu is erasing extra lines and adding details. Use an eraser to remove those parts of the circle covered by Natu’s head, wings, feet, and tail to form a clean outline for Natu. Next, add details that make Natu look more realistic by drawing two small circles as pupils on his eyes as well as drawing three small dot for his nostril on his beak and two dots as nostril on its beak – these should form nostrils on both nostrils as well as three vertical lines along his wings to complete its feathers – also create three vertical lines on his tail which serve as Natu’s feathers – for maximum realism Finally draw a red pattern on his chest consisting of four triangles enclosed within its confines for extra effect realism.

Step 6: Color your Natu

Final Step – Color your Natu You may use any coloring tools you prefer for this step – crayons, colored pencils, markers or paint. Natu’s body is mostly green except for its red chest pattern and yellow beak and feet; its eyes are black while his feathers are white. Add shading or highlights for more 3D effect; draw a background scene such as sunny sky or grassy field.

A small green bird-like Pokemon with psychic abilities. The guide consists of six steps: drawing a circle for the body, drawing the head and the beak, drawing the eyes and the wings, drawing the feet and the tail, erasing the extra lines and adding the details, and coloring your Natu. The guide also provides tips on how to make Natu look more realistic and colorful by adding pupils, nostrils, feathers, and a red pattern on his chest. By following this guide, you can create your own Natu drawing in no time.


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