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Moira Overwatch: Strategy, Tips, and Tricks

Moira Overwatch

Moira Overwatch

Moira Overwatch: has been the Overwatch team’s main focus in recent weeks. In a recent experimental card, it attempted out major alterations to the healer, but the changes rendered her far too powerful, thus Blizzard shelved those ideas.

However, in the most recent experimental mode, it tried again at that massive Moira revamp.

Before we get into any of Blizzard’s character concepts, it’s important to note that the devs have stated that “these are strictly experiment alterations and are not likely” to make it into the live game. So, don’t get too worked up over these potential upgrades just yet.

Moira Overwatch Departs  Ability

Fade is once again being considered for a significant buff by the developers. When Moira departs the ability, it will phase out herself and any teammates within six metres for one second, during which they will not suffer any more damage, as it did during a previous test in July. This might be a game-changing technique that allows an entire team to survive a devastating enemy ultimate.

Moira and her teammates, on the other hand, won’t be able to use it to avoid Zarya’s Graviton Surge or Sigma’s Gravitic Flux, as those ultimates would be useless otherwise. It also won’t cleanse status effects, so it appears that if allies are frozen or under the affects of Ana’s Biotic Grenade, Fade will no longer remove them.

The ability’s cooldown has also been increased, from six to eight seconds. That cooldown is still a little too short, especially considering how effective Fade is.

Moira’s Damage Orb has also undergone significant adjustments. To cut a long storey short, you’ll need to be more precise.

Blizzard is attempting the following with that ability

• Instead of piercing through foes, the Biotic Damage Orb now adheres to them when it hits them.

• Only if the orb is adhered to a target does it cause damage. All foes are dealt 60 DPS at all times. It will stay on a stuck player for three seconds or until that player takes 120 damage, whichever comes first.

• If the Damage Orb collides with an opponent barrier, it is destroyed.

• The maximum number of bounces has been reduced to one.

• Projectile speed has been increased from 20 to 25.

As a result, the orb will move faster and deliver more constant damage, but you’ll have to try to get it to collide with an enemy. You won’t be able to bounce it around a narrow hallway anymore (at least in experimental mode), and it won’t be able to pass through hostile barricades. Those are major improvements, but if they make it into the live game, Moira’s skill ceiling will be significantly raised.

You’ll also need superior accuracy with Moira’s secondary fire, the Biotic Grasp, elsewhere. In experimental mode, the attach angle has been reduced by 37%. This is the same Moira modification that Blizzard experimented with last time.

A change for Reaper is also included in the patch. That test is narrower, but it might be a big nerf for damage dealers. He can no longer use his Wraith Form ability to escape Graviton Surge or Gravitic Flux in the current experimental mode. If he gets caught in one of those ultimates, that should make him simpler to kill, and it’s a nice contrast for a hero who can be oppressive at times.

The most recent experimental card is now accessible on all platforms. Overwatch experimental modes are usually available for at least a week, after which we’ll see if the adjustments make it into the official game.

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