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Midnight Sun Movie Cast, Crew and Story


Midnight Sun Movie Cast, Crew and Story: Hello, Everyone Today I am going to share some exciting facts on the Film Midnight Sun Cast, Crew, and Story.

Midnight Sun Movie Cast, Crew and Story

Story of the Film

Sheltered since in the early childhood, Katie Price, now 17, lives with a life-threatening sensitivity to the sunlight which is causing the rare genetic condition, xeroderma pigmentosum. During the day she is a housebound, having only her father, Jack for a company. But after dark that Katie’s world opens up when she ventures out to the local train station to play her guitar for the travelers. One night, she meets Charlie, who is an ex-high school all-star athlete, whom she has secretly admired for the years. She hides her condition from him, and the two begin a romance.

Star Cast of the Film

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne is an actress and a singer. Bella’s movies such as Stuck on You, One Wish, Raspberry Magic, The Frog Kingdom, Underdogs, Big Sky, The Babysitter, Keep Watching, Assassination Nation and Midnight Sun.

Patrick Schwarzenegger

Patrick Schwarzenegger is an actor and a model. Patrick’s films such as The Benchwarmers, stuck in Love, Grown Ups 2, Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, Dear Eleanor, Go North and Midnight Sun.

Rob Riggle

Rob Riggle is an actor and a comedian. Rob’s movies such as The Hangover, The Other Guys, Let’s Be Cops, Dumb & Dumber to, 21 Jump Street, 22 Jump Street, The Goods Live Hard, Sell Hard, Step Brothers and Midnight Sun.

Quinn Shephard

Quinn Shepherd is a screenwriter, director, and an actress. Quinn’s films such as Harrison’s Flowers, From Other Worlds, Unaccompanied Minors, Assassination of a High School President, Trooper, Windsor, Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl, Blame, The Miseducation of Cameron Post and Midnight Sun.

Crew of the Film

Scott Speer (The Director of the film)

Scott Speer is a director and a novelist. Scott’s films such as The Beat, Step Up Revolution, Step Up All in, Midnight Sun and Status Update.

Jen Gatien (The Producer of the film)

Jen Gatien is a Producer and an Actress. Jen’s movies such as Chelsea on the Rocks, For Ellen, Evolution of a Criminal, The Big Take, Summer of Anna, Furlough, The Girl Is in Trouble, Dixieland, For Ellen, Holy Rollers, Meskada and Midnight Sun.

Eric Kirsten (The Writer of the film)

Eric Kirsten is a Writer. Eric’s movies such as The Lighthouse, The Uninvited Guest and Midnight Sun.

Nate Walcott (The Music Director of the film)

Nate Walcott is a Music Director. Nate’s movies such as The New Mutants, The Fault in Our Stars, Stuck in Love, Lovely, Still and Midnight Sun.

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