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Michigan Rapper Found Dead in Detroit Apartment Complex

Michigan Rapper Found Dead in Detroit Apartment Complex
Michigan Rapper Found Dead in Detroit Apartment Complex

Michigan Rapper Found Dead in Detroit Apartment Complex: Three aspiring rappers were reported missing on January 21, 2023, a few weeks ago. Police have since started searching for them as soon as possible.

Sadly, all of the rappers were discovered to be deceased. Yes, the bodies of all three rappers were discovered in a deserted apartment complex outside Detroit.

Additionally, the three wannabe rappers who went missing almost two weeks ago have also been recognized, according to authorities on Friday, February 3, 2023.

Now that the rapper’s name has been made public, keep reading this article to learn how it happened and what the motivation was.

On Friday afternoon, the Michigan State Police revealed all the information on Twitter, identifying the three rappers as Armani Kelly, 27, Montoya Givens, 31, of Detroit, and Dante Wicker, 31, of Melvindale, Michigan.

We extend our sympathies to their families and friends, the police added.

They were all supposed to perform at Lounhge 31 on Deroit’s east side, according to the specifics, but the concert was postponed, and nobody has seen or heard from them since.

As a result, the case has grown to involve other agencies, including the Detroit, Oscoda, Melvindale, and Warren police departments.

Michigan Rapper Found Dead in Detroit Apartment Complex

All three rappers have been listed as missing by the authorities since January 21, 2023, and nothing has been discovered to explain their absence. Police also went on a search operation, however they were unsuccessful in finding them.

Then, on Thursday, their bodies were discovered in the basement of a rat-infested, abandoned apartment complex in Highland Park, close to Detroit.

The Wayne County Medical Examiner’s Office would do an autopsy on the remains to ascertain the manner of their demise, according to Michigan State Police.

Due to the extraordinarily frigid temperatures in which the remains were discovered, Lt. Mike Shaw predicted that it may take close to 48 hours before the autopsy result was made public.

The article also claims that Givens, Kelly, and Wicker met while serving time in jail, and that Givens and Kelly were on parole when they vanished.

The three missing males were discovered dead in Detroit, the Detroit News verified, a Facebook user wrote. Rapper #ArmaniKelly from Lansing, also known by his stage as #MarleyWhoop, and two of his companions vanished on January 21.

Since the news has spread, a lot of people, including their admirers and friends, have paid tribute to him and sent their sincere sympathies to the family members who are going through a trying moment.

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