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Michael Perkins: Missing Man Last Seen in Richmond


On Wednesday morning, reports of a missing person made headlines when Michael Perkins – identified as his social media handle – went missing.

Michael is beloved husband and father to two sons; an attorney by profession, VCU alumnus and member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. His whereabouts have been shared widely on social media platforms as his family seeks assistance from those on the web.

According to reports, Michael Perkins was last seen on Sunday, February 19, 2023 in Richmond, Virginia wearing a blue sweater.

Now it is more important than ever that we help locate him. Since the missing complaint of Michael was reported at the police station, they have been doing their best to locate him before any mishap occurs.

We urge everyone to share this message widely so that it can benefit his family and bring Michael home safely. We know there have been many posts regarding Michael on social media platforms.

Who is Michael Perkins?

Many have come forward in order to locate Michael Perkins before any unfortunate events take place. At 35 years old, his estimated weight is 265 lbs; his race is black; his height must be 6’2″, hair color dark brown; length medium; eyes also dark brown. On February 19, 2023 in Richmond Virginia he was last spotted wearing a blue sweater.

Medina Pullings, a well-known public figure, posted on Facebook “Family please pray for Michael Perkins and his family. He has been missing since Sunday.” Along with a picture of Michael Perkins, Medina pulledings prayed for peace within Michael Perkins’ family.

Michael Perkins’ family members can be reached via these numbers: 8046465102 OR 8046465100. Every piece of information shared is invaluable and your help could be the key to safely returning Michael back home.

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