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Mathew Ethington Death Cause: Know How Did He Die?


Recently, news spread on the internet that Mathew Ethington and his former girlfriend Maria Martin had been found deceased at their house. Read the full article to know more about Mathew Ethington Death Cause.

Both were police officers; now friends, family, and colleagues are grieving the loss of two police officers.

After this shocking discovery went viral on social media platforms, people began searching for more details. We have collected all the pertinent details in this article so please read it thoroughly for all pertinent details.

Mathew Ethington and Maria Martin served on the police force for 4 years, raising two kids together – including a 1-year-old baby. Both were amazing people who will always be missed by their family, neighbors, and colleagues.

Their sudden deaths left many in shock and pain as no one had anticipated such tragedy would occur. If you would like more details about what has happened to these two police officers, please read through this entire article.

What was Mathew Ethington Death cause?

On Sunday at 12:30, Matthew Ethington and Maria Martin’s neighbors called the police to check at their house due to suspicions of inactivity inside.

When officers arrived, they discovered two bodies: Matthew Ethington, 26, and Maria Martin, 22.

According to the police report, it appears to have been a murder-suicide caused by a marital dispute.

Matthew had allegedly been abusive toward her former partner; although there had been domestic issues in their home before this horrific act was committed.

If you would like more information about what happened in their house, please read through this entire article.

On Sunday morning, two police officers were found dead at home in the 16000 block of Farmington Road in Livonia with gunshot injuries. Matthew Ethington had only one wound while his ex-wife suffered numerous gunshots.

It is suspected that Matthew Ethington shot his ex-wife multiple times before taking his own life. Currently, police are still investigating this case but still do not know the cause of shooting yet; once we receive any updates we will keep you informed.

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