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Mario Kart 9 Could Have Some New Characters


Mario Kart 9 is a Nintendo franchise that’s been around for a long time. It’s one of the most successful games of its era and has a loyal following worldwide.

With this in mind, fans have been wondering when Nintendo will release the next version of the popular kart racing series.

Well, a recent report has suggested that the game could be revealed this year.


Sonic, a mascot for Sega, is one of the mainstays in the racing world and has been a popular addition to video games since he made his debut in 1998.

He’d be a perfect fit for Mario Kart and would definitely add something new to the franchise’s gameplay.

It’s been years since a new Mario Kart has come out, and while many fans are hoping for more, there’s also the need to bring some new mechanics into the game.

This is where Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed comes in handy, as it has some great features that would be welcome in a future Mario Kart game.

The other thing that Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed does well is its multiplayer, as it focuses on team play instead of a cup or other set of races.

Mario Kart is thrilled with this win, since multiplayer is an integral part of any kart racing team.


One of Nintendo’s most beloved characters is Pac-Man. His simple design and unique style of gameplay made him a gaming icon that continues to this day.

In mario kart 9, Pac-Man is one of the main characters and will appear in the game’s hub area as well as in various levels where he can help you chomp away at ghosts and collect items.

Pac-Man’s arcade appearance is not the only thing that makes him unique. He can also rev roll and butt bounce through large areas.

Pac-Man can also drop fire hydrants from the ground or on the top of him that shoot water that will either push opponents back or raise them up.

A special move allows him to set Pac-Dots in his path for a brief time using power pellets.

Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital, a management simulation that is spiritually successor to Bullfrog Productions’ Theme Hospital, can be used as a management simulator.

It puts you in control of expanding and staffing a hospital to help cure patients that exhibit comical illnesses such as Hairyitis and The Squits.

It’s refreshing to see a lighthearted game that focuses on health care, as it is a far cry from real-life reality.

While some technical issues may be a little frustrating, the game’s wealth of silly humour and variety of stages thanks to downloadable content provide a welcome dose of escapism from the often unpleasant work that goes into constructing hospitals.

As you progress, you’ll need to ensure that your staff are well-rested and have enough energy to keep up with their responsibilities.

Fortunately, the coffee machine is an excellent addition to the arsenal that can help you get the most out of your hospital staff.

The Fall Guy

While there is no word on a Mario Kart 9 yet, Nintendo has certainly been keeping fans on their toes with a number of teaser trailers and rumors.

According to one rumor, the company will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year.

To do so, they’ll be producing a number of new titles in kart racing, some big, which could mean that we might see new characters in the game.

Fall Guy is the main character of this new generation game. He is a charming red-and yellow character that is capable performing some amazing feats.

His biggest claim to fame is the fact that he can throw one of the best physics-based acrobatics we’ve seen in a video game.

He also has a few other tricks up his sleeve that include some of the coolest looking mini-games.

For some reason, he has never made it to the vita, so we’ll have to wait and see if he makes it to Mario Kart 9.


Dorrie is a large friendly plesiosaur-like creature who helps Mario and Luigi cross water or reach higher areas in Super Mario 64.

Although he is a little larger than other racers, such as King Boo and Wiggler – it would not be difficult to fit him in a car.

Dorrie, despite his size, is friendly and has a strong altruistic character.

He’s also a good example of how Nintendo can balance out its large cast with less iconic characters.

Some other lesser known characters have shown up in Mario games, including Pauline from Donkey Kong and Poochy from Yoshi’s Island.

These characters could be included in the main series, which would make them more prominent.

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