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Marie Antoinette Syndrome- Causes & History


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Marie Antoinette Syndrome’s Causes & History

Marie Antoinette syndrome is an undesirable quality condition of hair suddenly turning white.

The name comes from tales on the coat of Queen Marie Antoinette of France. Turning severe white after her capture following the destined to an unfortunate flight to Varennes during the French Revolution.

According to the Federation of American Societies in Experimental Biology. Witnesses claim that Antoinette’s hair rapidly turns white on three occasions.

An example of the syndrome, albeit fictional, is from the Tokyo Ghoul manga.

Ken Kaneki’s hair turns white after being a torture for ten days; it has been found that some hairs will become color again when stress is reduced.

Causes of Marie Antoinette Syndrome

This syndrome has been put forward as a hypothesis to be a variant of alopecia areata diffuse or autoimmune non-scarring hair loss that selectively affects all pigmented hairs, leaving only the white coat behind.

It is causing by high levels of emotional stress. In turn, it will cause less pigmentation of the hair. These will form the basis of most uses of the idea in fictional works.

One study that requires scientific action of copying and verification experiments with mice found that stress causes white hair.

Even if suppressed, the immune system ruled out autoimmune response, and if removed, removed the glands producing cortisol.

The study ended that over-activation of the sympathetic nervous system was causing stem cells to stop producing pigment cells in hair follicles.

History of Marie Antoinette Syndrome

The earliest surviving records claim of sudden whitening of the hair is represented in the Talmud by a story of a Jewish scholar.

He developed white hair locks at the age of 17 years due to overwork.

Now and again, new cases of preventing the development (though not sudden) hair-whitening have been documented with bomb victims in the Second World War and a case cover in the medical journal Archives of Dermatology in 2009.

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