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Make a claim on money held by the Unclaimed Money Texas



Make a claim on money held by the Unclaimed Money Texas: We could all use some extra cash right now, and you might have some lying around ready to be claimed.

Make a claim on money held by the Unclaimed Money Texas



It’s not a grant or a loan; it’s your money, held in trust by unclaimed money Texas, but you must go get it.

There is a substantial sum of money lying about. The state of Texas is holding five billion dollars in unclaimed funds.

Simply go to the state’s unclaimed money website and search for your name.

If your name appears, follow the guidelines for filing a claim and then wait for the funds to arrive. It’s truly that simple.

Even if you’ve already checked the website, state officials advise that you do so again.

They propose setting a phone reminder and checking in every four months or so.

“We acquire new property every year, so it’s always a good idea to look at our database at least once a year,” said Bryant Clayton of the state comptroller’s office. “You can look at our database at”

The best part? There is no charge for getting your money back.

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