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Lola Burr: Comedian Bill Burr’s Daughter

lola ft img
lola ft img

Lola Burr is the daughter of Bill Burr, an internationally recognized stand-up comedian and actor. Born in 2017, Lola has since made headlines since entering society’s eye.

About Bill Burr

Bill Burr
Bill Burr

Bill Burr is an award-winning comedian known for his signature brand of dark humor. He can be found performing his comedic magic on Netflix specials like Paper Tiger, I’m Sorry You Feel That Way and Walk Your Way Out; in Breaking Bad’s Patrick Kuby role and F is for Family animated series; plus hosting his weekly show The Monday Morning Podcast where he discusses various issues while providing glimpses into his personal life.

About Nia Renee Hill

Nia Renee Hill
Nia Renee Hill

Nia Renee Hill is Bill Burr’s wife and Lola’s mother. Additionally, she is known for being both an accomplished comedian and actress; appearing in shows such as Santa Clarita Diet, Crashing and Divorce: A Love Story as well as F is for Family as Georgia Roosevelt as voice actor. Nia also writes blogs for Xojane as well as maintaining an active social presence online.

How did Bill Burr and Nia Renee Hill meet?

Bill Burr and Nia Renee Hill met while both performing at a comedy show in Boston where both were performing, where they quickly connected. Soon thereafter they started dating each other before marrying each other in 2013. Since then they’ve been happily inseparable, often making jokes about each other onstage or podcasts.

When was Lola Burr born?


Lola Burr was born January 20, 2017 in Los Angeles, California to Bill Burr and Nia Renee Hill and is their first-born. Lola identifies as Aquarius with an African-American background.

What do you find most endearing about Lola Burr?

Lola Burr is an adorable young lady who enjoys having fun. She enjoys going to the beach, riding her bicycle and spending time with her parents. Lola sports curly brown hair and has brown eyes. She weighs 26.5 lbs and stands 2 feet 9 inches.

How has Lola Burr been able to successfully handle her fame?

Lola Burr has grown accustomed to being in the spotlight due to her father, the well-known actor Martin Burr. She has been featured in various media outlets and gained a growing fan base; even Lola herself manages an Instagram account where pictures of herself can be posted by her mother! However, Lola still leads an ordinary childhood; attending preschool nearby.

FAQ: The Ultimate Guiding To Your Questions

Q: What is Lola Burr’s Net Worth?

A: Unfortunately, Lola is too young to have her own net worth; however, according to Celebrity Net Worth her father Bill Burr has an estimated worth of $12 Million.

Q: Does Lola Burr Have Any Siblings?

Currently, Lola doesn’t have any siblings; however, her father Bill Burr has expressed an interest in having another child at some point in time.

Q: What are Lola Burr’s hobbies?

A: She enjoys engaging in various activities such as drawing, singing, dancing, reading and watching cartoons.

Q: What are Lola Burr’s favorite things?

A: While her precise preferences remain unknown, Lola appears to appreciate animals such as dogs and horses. In terms of clothing and accessories she tends to favor vibrant pieces.

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