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Lo Jelks Death Cause: Atlanta’s First Black TV Reporter Died At 83

Lo Jelks’s death cause: The city of Atlanta’s First Black TV Reporter Dead at 83 years old. Recently the news surfaced via the internet that a well-known and respected Lo Jelks died in recent days.He was an ex- WSB-TV journalist, and the first Atlanta Black TV reporter. He has passed away from his family and friends. He passed away on Saturday, at the age of 83.

At present, his family, friends, and friends are mourning his passing via social media sites. Many are now trying to find his name on the web as they are eager to learn more about the life of the life of Lo Jelks and why his death occur.

We have more details about the story and will provide the information with you here in the article.

Who Was Lo Jelks?

Lo Jelks was a very remarkable person. He was an ex- WSB-TV reporter, and Atlanta’s first Black TV journalist. In 1967, he joined WSB-TV and began his career his career in St. Petersburg, Florida which is where he was raised.

He was the host of a weekly show of music on the local radio station while an undergraduate student at high school. He understood the importance of his job.

He walked into work earlier than other journalists to peruse the papers and get familiar with the latest news of the day.

Jelks visited other cities that have mass transit systems to get stories about Atlanta’s future plans. Click on the next page to find more information on the latest news.

What was Le Jelks death cause?

An ex- WSB-TV reporter Lo Jelks is no more one of his closest friends and the newscaster passed away in the age range of 83, on the Saturday 25 February 2023.

Recently , news has surfaced online that a lot of people are saddened and shocked by his sudden death . the majority of people are interested in knowing more about the story. The cause of his death was not revealed by his loved ones.

The right website to learn more regarding the story and the cause of death, so make sure to take the time to read the full report.

We know that, Lo Jelks was born in St. Petersburg, Fla. He began his career in radio and hosted the weekly music radio show while an high school student in the year 1955. He graduated of Clark College in 1961 and was the manager of operations at WIGO-AM.

It was an R&B station located in Atlanta at the time he received his call form WSB-TV. Since his death, news has been reported online numerous people are shocked at the sudden loss of his life.

Many have offered their sincere condolences to his family members and paid a tribute to his life via the social networks. Keep an eye on Dekh News for more updates.

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