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List of Top Phone Apps for Writing Excellent Resume


Sending job applications is a stressful endeavor because one has no control over the responses they will receive. So, anyone would welcome the opportunity of making the job application process leaner. But how can one do this? Well, below is a list of the best free resume builder apps that will help you develop a great resume. Keep reading to learn more.

List of Top Phone Apps for Writing Excellent Resume

PathSource Resume

PathSource Resume is a user-friendly application that will make your resume development exercise quite easy. One advantage of using this app is the provision of different colors that help you design great resumes. With this feature, you get to prepare any design you wish to deliver. 

Remember, every resume you deliver should be different, and in line with the particular position, you are looking for. With PathSource Resume, you get to the opportunity to prepare a formal, informal, modern, or even a professional resume. There are no limitations here, only opportunities. As PathSource Resume slogan reads, get your resume quick, have it easy while preparing, and finish within no time. 

As a student, this should be a great resource. Do not worry about your essays about technology. Get help from writing experts from essaykitchen.net. Your grasp of this particular app will be of great benefit in the long-run. 


Today, you do not have to be a musician to produce music. Well, with Canva, you do not have to be a graphic designer to produce a great-looking resume. Canva presents you with some great designs that will enhance your resume to the levels you need. 

As a resume maker app, Canva comes with a lot of great looking templates. The downside of Canva is that some templates will need you to pay before you can access them. But, numerous great options are free. So, the choice of buying templates or using the free ones is yours. After selecting your option, customize the templates to fit what you want. Play around with the editing options you have until you have the resume you want.

One other advantage of Canva is that it is free. There is a premium subscription. However, the free version should be fine. 

CV Engineer

CV engineer is one of the best resume building apps that work well on phones. Only a handful of apps will gift you the same experience CV Engineer does. First, its layouts are simple and should help you present your information quite well. 

To use CV Engineer, you start by filling in some of the sections in the paper. For example, you fill in your interests, education, skills, experience, references, etc. As you do, the app will offer you ways to enhance each section. After filling in your information, the next step is saving your resume. Here, you have different options, including saving your resume as a pdf document or sending it as an email attachment. 

The app is free and there are no payments you need to make. But if your resume helps you land a job, you can choose to tip the developer. 

Resume Star

Resume Star is an all-round app that will help make your resume-building exercise sweat-free. Today, this app has a great rating on App Store which is a testament to how great it is. People’s reviews never lie. It is true that some people buy positive reviews for their products. However, the quality of a product or a service will always become evident with time.

The advantage of working with Resume Star is that it does not limit what you can create. For example, if you wish to create an online portfolio, Resume Star offers you this opportunity. Also, you can create cover letters as well. Resume Star also allows users to customize their resumes or online portfolios. There are no limitations here. 

Experts delivering resumes will, of course, be ready to help you when you get stuck. One platform that boasts some of the best in the business is CustomEssayOrder. Here, you get value for money. 

Aristoz Resume Builder

First of all, Aristoz Resume Builder is a free app and any android user can download it from Google Play Store. There is no resume building application like Aristoz Resume Builder. This app promises excellence, and will not go an inch below this.

Aristoz Resume Builder is perfect for people looking for internships or applying for entry-level jobs. 

All apps claim to be user-friendly. But only a few come close to matching Aristoz Resume Builder. The user-interface is light, and everything is where it should be. Apps can clutter things together and make a big mess. But, this is without a doubt one of the best programs for resumes.


Among the resume building apps in this article, this has one of the best interfaces. You often hear people say what-you-see-is-what-you-get while talking about app interfaces. However, only a few actualize the above description in their apps. With VisualCV, what you read here is what you will get. There is no exaggeration because everything will meet your expectations. 

Aside from the interface, there are numerous templates that will make your work stress-free. Customizing the templates is also possible, and you can insert shapes, images, and whichever boxes you wish to have in your resume. You can also edit text and play around with everything until you get what you want. The truth is, there is no create resume app whose experience matches this. It is free, but has a subscription for some templates at some of the best rates you will come around. 


An app that claims to bring you closer to your potential employers will go the extra mile like CakeResume. Aside from gifting you the best platform to create your resume, CakeResume also links you to potential employers. 

Unlike other apps that give you templates and expect you to know what you are doing, CakeResume takes a different approach. First, you get the opportunity to answer a few questions. The app fills your CV, and then once you are through, you get the opportunity to enhance the appearance of your resume. You can include images, shapes, and whichever elements you find fitting. 

As is always the case, you may lack time to finish preparing your resume. The next best thing for you should be to request the services of a resume editor. These experts will ensure your resume meets your expectations and gets you a step closer to getting you that dream job. 

In conclusion, even as technology helps the world to make great strides, some things will never change. For example, people going for job interviews or writing resumes or presenting their cases to potential employers. These are norms that appear eternal. So, be on the safe side and make use of the apps above. 

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