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LIGRX – The Best Taxable Bond Intermediate Core Plus Fund


LIGRX is an actively managed Taxable Bond Intermediate Core-Plus Fund.

Launched in 1996, it seeks high total investment return by investing in a broad range of fixed income securities.

The fund has an expense ratio at 0.83%, and only $2,500 is required for initial investments.

The fund has positive returns in the past, with returns above and beyond benchmarks of 3 year and 5 years (3.74%) and 5 Year 3.82% (5.82%).

What is LIGRX?

LIGRX, an active managed intermediate core-plus taxable bond fund, is a taxable bond intermediate core.

The fund invests in a diversified portfolio of bonds including both investment grade and below-investment-grade securities. The fund focuses on current income and capital appreciation.

At least 80% of the Fund’s net assets are invested in fixed income securities. The Fund may also invest in any type of debt instrument.

The Fund’s investment strategy focuses on high-quality, high-yield bonds. It also invests in foreign-currency debt and emerging market debt.

The fund seeks a high total return from income and capital appreciation.

The fund uses an exclusive combination of diversification and active management to meet its investment objectives. The Fund is managed by Natixis Funds.

The fund is a mutual fund. It can be purchased through 401(k) and other retirement accounts.

What is the Return on Investment (ROI)?

Common measures used to measure the effectiveness of investment are called Return on Investment (ROI).

It is a simple ratio that divides the net profit or loss on an investment by its cost.

This is a popular metric for many investors as it allows them to compare apples-to-apples with other investments and projects.

However, ROI can be misleading as it fails to take into account the time value of money and the holding period.

Professionals often consider other metrics, such as the net present value and internal rate of returns when making investment decisions.

Other niche types of ROI exist, including the socially responsible ROI (or SROI), which helps companies understand how their environmental and social sustainability efforts impact on overall company performance.

Learning ROIs are also based on how much information is retained and learned as a result if a project or investment.

Why should I invest in LIGRX?

Aside from its low cost and tax-awareness, the main reason to invest in this fund is the performance – it’s a top-notch entrant in its field.

LIGRX outperformed both its tax-exempt and taxable peers by significant margins.

This fund is known for delivering quality corporate bonds that are high in investment grade to all investors.

It also has a well-designed and implemented portfolio optimization strategy to keep costs in check.

The real kudos goes to the fund’s managers who have a knack for avoiding pitfalls and boosting returns.

This fund is a great place to invest your hard-earned cash because it has a lot of talented people who do good work.

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